Renewals, Cancellations, and Another WALKING DEAD Rant 11-29-18

Below are a list of renewals, cancellations, a few premiere dates and yet another rant about The Walking Dead and why I'm thinking about quitting the show. My TWD rant is at the bottom of this article, since it does have spoilers that you may wish to avoid

ABC has ordered additional episodes to the present season of Station 19.

Fox has ordered up extra eps, giving full season orders to Last Man Standing and The Cool Kids.

CBS has done the same for FBI, The Neighborhood, Magnum P.I.; and God Friended Me.

CBS is still tilling the 'we can't come up with anything fresh till,' because there's talk that The Nanny will be getting the reboot treatment.

Netflix ordered two more seasons of Disenchantment, and a third season of Atypical. They also renewed Castlevania for a third season.

ID renewed Breaking Homicide.

CBS All Access renewed Strange Angel.

USA renewed Chrisley Knows Best for a 7th Season.

Dr. Phil signed a new contract that takes his chat show on CBS through to the 2023 TV season.


While you have the franchise under your belt, milk it for all you can... right?

CBS All Access has ordered two seasons for a half-hour animated comedy called Star Trek: Lower Decks from the guy behind Rick and Morty. The show will take place around the support crew of one of Starfleet’s least important ships.

It's expected to premiere for streaming in 2019.


ABC has ordered a spinoff of AFV called Videos After Dark, and it will be hosted by Bob Saget. It will focus on older folks' mishaps on film.


Netflix canceled American Vandal.

NBC drop kicked (canceled) Megyn Kelly Today.

Netflix has also, mysteriously, cancelled yet another Marvel series, Daredevil. I tell ya, despite the lip service about their carriage contracts with Disney, Disney (Marvel) shows are dropping like flies over there. My guess, considering Disney's track record with strong arming distributors, is that Netflix was 'convinced' to cancel the slate of Marvel shows.  There's just oooone more to go... will they do it?


Netflix - The documentary series Dogs, which looks at the deep emotional bonds between K9s and the hoomans, launched globally on Friday, Nov. 16.. I have got to check this one out.

Investigation Discovery (ID) will premiere two-part special Cold Valley on Thursday, Nov. 29.

Season seven of Bravo's Vanderpump Rules premieres on Monday, December 3

Season six of NBC's The Profit premieres on Dec. 4

Season two of Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel premieres on Wednesday, December 5

Fox singing competition The Masked Singer, (Because The Voice's blind audition term was already taken) premieres on Wednesday, Jan. 2


My New Rant About The Walking Dead

So here's another rant about AMC's The Walking Dead.... and if you are not caught up to the cliffhanging (sort of) mid-season break episode, there will be Walking Dead spoilers coming up.

So here we are, watching a show decline in the ratings ever since... shall we say when Glenn got his head bashed in by Neegan. Neegan brought a whole new world of pain to the series and though it was pretty refreshing, it got OLD real fast as it's all he kept doing. Neegan was a one-trick pony with his saunter and bat-bashing. But it was fun when it first started up.

Then last season was nothing but one bit long, drawn out battle with the Saviors and super close up face shots that bored the living shit out of me.

OK, so things started to stagnate... meaning it started to at least not keep sucking more and more, but then Rick left the story as did Maggie.

Now, despite the false advertising about Rick leaving the franchise, we will be seeing him in a few TV movies to show where he went to.

But with Maggie, we got nothing but a chunk of lip service on how she up and disappeared to a new colony where she's real happy. Nice going AMC.

So we've lost a lot of the folks that we, the viewers really enjoyed, and as I was accepting my losses, I was thinking, well, at least we still have Jesus, because I really like the character of Jesus.

And now... we have what seemed to be walkers that talked!

Holy shit! This is going to get quite interesting if walkers are evolving.

So the walker thing was quite the surprise, but unfortunately, that surprise came at a cost of yet one more character, the one that I chose to put on my character pedestal, and that was Jesus.

All I have now is Daryl and Carol, but are two characters enough to keep me interested. I'm starting to think no. As AMC gets quirky with how they're handling characters, I'm starting to get a little frustrated with the whole thing.

If enough of my faves go away, well, I'm not sure what I'll do.

Do you?

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