MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT: Luke And Kate, the debacle of it all

OK, first, yes, I've been watching the train wreck of a show on Lifetime, called Married at First Sight. But that's because there's a few couples that are driving me nuts on the show. One couple is very diverse in how she is up and out the door to exercise while her man sleeps in... ALL THE TIME. Another couple looks pretty happy, but he has a bit of an edge to him when things don't quite go his way.

But one of the couples that is frustrating me is Luke and Kate.

OMG... I don't know where to begin. 

Luke has agreed to be on the show, but it seems that his match up by the show experts is gone rather afoul. There is nothing that seems to click between them, plus Luke is amazingly introverted to the point of never wanting to talk about anything.

Unless he's mentally manipulating Kate with his arguments against her concerns. He's constantly quoting her drinking problem, while all her friends say he drinks the same amount, and keeps wine around the house. An action that does not befit someone who is concerned about his partner's drinking.

But egads, he NEVER wants to talk about anything and instructs Kate to keep quiet about anything she wants to talk about with others.

Then there's Kate.

Kate seems like the classic abuse victim. She seems like such a sweetheart and continues very very hard to make this wedded situation last. No matter what happens. She keeps trying to make excuses for him to stay connected to him.

He continually makes the excuse that she remembers things differently to make excuses for his own apparent behavior. He hates kissing her, he apparently hates having sex with her, and he just does not seem to care about the little things.

Action speaks louder than words as he manipulates her with words and she keeps making excuses for his actions to stay married to him. I hate that she's willing to not be herself in this union to keep the idea of marriage work. She wants to be married that bad and I think she can definitely find much much better.

I hope she gets smart and gets the hell out of that situation.

OK, I'm done venting.

If you have been watching the show and are caught up, you may know more than I do, at least from the words I've put down here. If you've collected the show on DVR for binge watching later like myself, go no farther and enjoy the ride that's amazingly frustrating....

But if you are up to date, or don't mind spoilers (holy crap!!!) click this very interesting link.

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