Since the fifth episode of Game of Thrones in this final season, many people seem to be rather dissatisfied with the recent developments as the show comes to a close. Many are scolding the quality of the writing and how some events have turned out.

I get being agitated with how some things happened so let's take a look at a few of them.

How Cerci died:

I totally get wanting her to die a slow and horrible death. But in the end, she did experience a biting shitload of reality in her last moments, as she watched her world come crashing down around her. It was a beautiful thing, that her escape was blocked by a dragon's skull, was it not?

And in the beginning, were we not shocked with how some folks died? Well, guess what, Cerci's death was surprising in and of itself, despite what she deserved.

But remember, if you are unhappy with how she died, these are Martin's characters and Martin's world that he created and you have spent nearly 10 years enjoying thru the medium of TV.


Dany's berserker rage

OK, here's a loaded cannon if I ever saw one. Even I found myself caught up in the premise of certain aspects of Dany's character. She's had moments of sweetness and inner-development and she is a gorgeous woman. But these things in and of themselves can be deceiving from the core of our beloved, pretty and innocent looking character.

So sure, she took to the skies and destroyed an enemy who had thus surrendered. But, but, but...

Hmm, so Cerci surrendered. So what?

Let's go back through the seasons of GoT and remember that through it all, Dany had promised to burn cities and destroy her enemies. Since the second season, she has always wanted to be a conqueror and a ruler. Since then, she's toppled other cities and imposed her will on various peoples. And there are always negatives to conquering.

Did Dany really go berserk, or did she just let recent events remind her of her true promises and decided that being nice and honorable were too hard to maintain while her true enemy was getting away with everything she did by just surrendering? Or did finally returning to where her father was killed help set her off?

Nah, it's a little bit of everything and Dany kept her promises and that's all it was.


Despite everyone going on and on about how the writers screwed things up and what not, I think we all have to take a step back and remember who created this world, these characters and they can do what they want.

If you think the writers screwed up, remember who the professionals are here. If you're not a successful author or TV or movie writer, exactly what credentials do you hold that gives you this edge to criticize the GoT writers?

Trust me, when I get wound up about some things I watch and ask myself the same questions. Besides, if something I am watching entertained or upset me, then it did it's job. It kept me entertained and inspired and challenged!

With that said..

If you really have an issue with how this last season of Game of Thrones is going, then by all means, feel free to demonstrate your angst by NOT watching that last episode. Ever.

Just saying.

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