Before You Go See DARK PHOENIX (A Warning)

Hey, I was tooling around the internet and came across a few pieces about the opening weekend for Dark Phoenix and it ain't good...

According to Screen Crush, Dark Phoenix will be the...

-Lowest grossing opening weekend X-Men film to date,

-Worst reviewed movie of the franchise, (Rotten Tomatoes 22%)

-Lowest CineamScore rated X-Men film of the franchise,

IMDb movie fans have given it a 6/10.

To be honest, the trailers were having me wondering about some things about the film... but I figured I was reading too much or too little into the trailers. Then again, maybe not!


And then Screen Crush goes on to bash on the franchise with the following observations...

1. The First Class Characters Never Age
2. X-Men: Apocalypse Appears to Forget the Ending of X-Men: Days of Future Past
3. Mystique Seems Like a Different Person in Every Single Movie
4. Wolverine Loses His Adamantium Claws in One Movie and Has Them Back in the Next
5. Xavier Dies, And Then Everyone Pretends It Never Happened
6. There Are Two Extremely Different Trasks
7. There Are Also Two Totally Different Moira MacTaggerts
8. Wolverine Is Selectively Forgetful
9. How Is Magneto Just a Free Man in Dark Phoenix?
10. Amnesia Bullets

The follow up each bullet with hashed out explanations that you should go check out at screencrush: dark-phoenix-worst-reviewed-xmen

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