Spider-Man, Disney and Sony At Odds

Well, here we go. Marvel is owned by Disney, so when I say Disney, I mean Disney. And now that they've totally made the character relatable, fun, and extremely profitable, well, fans are about to get screwed again!

It looks like Sony and Disney are at odds about who can make more money of Spider-Man and hence, for now, it looks like Spider-Man is out of the MCU. Which is not good for Sony. Sony has not made a great Spidey film in, well, ever. While when Marvel had the reigns, the character brought in tons of money for everyone involved. I'm not saying the films failed under Sony, but they did so so much better when Spidey could take place in the realm where he belongs.

For now, Spidey is out of the MCU and if that stays permanent, I think the character is doomed cinematically. Of course with him out of the MCU, if the next film goes into production under Sony solo, there will be no Stark spidey-suit, no Happy Hogan in Aunt May's life, no working with or appearances by any other MCU character that is under Disney control.

Now at first, I was reading a CNN article but it was stupid light on details of why the two studios are splitting up. And the author didn't seem to know much about the present state of the MCU.

{ https://edition.cnn.com/2019/08/21/media/spiderman-sony-marvel-split-scli-intl/index.html }

Sony is owned by TBS, who is owned by WarnerMedia (WM). And of late, WarnerMedia has been getting hugely greedy with their properties like HBO and other networks they own.

But when you pit WM up against Disney, they have a totally different fight on their hands, considering Disney is the king of greed.

Moving on from CNN, I saw that Disney is asking for a 50/50 split, and Sony turned that down. (Are we over emboldened with our Into the SpiderVerse Sony? Don't be... that was a one-hit wonder that you got lucky with because you had an ensemble film.)

But rumors and word is that Sony does think it will do just fine without Disney (excellent) intervention of writing Spider-Man movies.  Barring of course, that the Marvel-driven Spider-Man films have grossed billions, something Sony hasn't even been able to come close to with their own films.

If this goes on long enough, you might start seeing the real Disney business acumen at work.

When Iron Man 3 was coming out, Disney force... sorry, renegotiated their movie theater cuts, threatening to pull IM3 from any theater chain that did not comply. Disney wasn't happy with a 50/50 split with chains, they negotiated an alleged 65% cut to themselves.

Then there was when Disney effed over Quentin Tarantino with a release to a single theater location, as Disney threatened the entire chain to show their film, while Tarantino had filmed his production just for that one location.

{ tarantino-gets-dissed-by-disney }

Then I can't help but wonder just how Netflix is 'canceling' some of their best performing shows from Marvel/Disney, despite their contracts that were in place.

And let's not forget when Disney/Marvel pulled all support from the Fantastic Four's latest film as in parallel product support like toys and even went so far as to kill off the comic book production.

Yea, I'm not sure Disney would kill off Spider-Man comics, but if they really want their cut of the profits, which they've made a boatload of money off of, well, I think they deserve it.

Time and time again, Disney has flexed their muscle and forced business partners to capitulate. But in this case, where their intervention has brought in a much larger payday for the character and ALL involved, that I'm not sure they're out of line for asking for a larger cut this time.

But then we have WM, whose been dealing pretty harshly with their own business partners this year, just adding to their reputation of nefarious business negotiations.

"... while AT&T was looking to buy Time Warner the Department of Justice had sued to block the purchase, but AT&T argued that if they bought Time Warner, the merger would allow them to lower TV prices. Then after the merger they raised the base price of its DirecTV Now streaming service by $5 per month."

{ hbo-dish-dispute }


I think this Screen Rant Pitch Meeting should sum it all up for ya!

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