PLANET URTH 5-Book Boxed Set Book Review

The Planet Urth book series is set in a post-apocalyptic future where mankind's use of nuclear weaponry has wreaked devastation upon humanity and the result is a world full of human-hungry mutants.

It's co-authored by the husband/wife team of Christopher Martucci and Jennifer Martucci.  He's the sci-fi writer, her, a romance writer of sorts.

When the story starts out, humans have been hunted for centuries almost to the brink of extinction. Avery, her sister June, her father and a few others must fight every day to protect themselves and their family.


When the story starts out we are presented with Avery and her sister June, as they struggle to survive, hunting for their infrequent meals, practicing their sword play because it's the necessity if one must stay alive, and figuring out when to come out of hiding and exploring the world around their small space in the woods, where the Urthmen have not found them. Yet.

To be honest, I loved the actual story itself, from the struggles of the human species, the day-to-day life, discovering other humans along the way, and the sheer hatred between the human and Urthman species.

But as Avery and June venture forth from their safe spot in the woods by events beyond their control, but the ensuing actions help them meet other humans. And for Avery and June, who thought they were the only humans left on Earth, each meeting is exciting, new and sometimes, humans being humans, not always a safe venture. Especially for two very pretty girls. Even if one is dangerously good with her sword and spear.


The story is great to follow and that's what kept me reading on to see how it develops. And the world around Avery changes in a wonderful and challenging set of events. And the detailed environment they live in is wonderfully crafted. Because of that, I do recommend the series.


I'm not sure if this is normal or not, but with the plot influenced by a co-author who likes writing romance stories, the story is heavily influenced by repetitive, emotional content. VERY REPETITIVE, emotional content.

At first it's cute when Avery gets butterflies in her stomach upon meeting a boy, but to get butterflies every time she interacts with him gets really really really old.

Or affection and concerns for her younger sister are warranted, but to be continually reminded over and over and over and over gets a bit old.

Also, as I read the book series I had encountered over 30 glaring typos or wordos. And unlike other authors that I have ended up beta reading for, the Martucci's are unreachable or non-responsive, for whatever reason. Their website has a weird 'looking' pop-up that makes me leery and hence, I veer away from their website. But I have also left notes in book reviews and have even tried to reach out via Twitter, but nary a cricket has sounded. His is private, hers is not.

Bottom line, I've never encountered an author that doesn't welcome contact from readers.


On principle alone, I won't buy another book from them. Their quality control is iffy enough where it's distracting for me and their lack of being able to be contacted is disheartening, especially when you want to help.

And I'm personally irked because the 6-book series came out AFTER I bought the 5-book series. SMH!

But if issues like that and the emotional content that may take up to 20% of the story are not a problem for you, then by all means, go for it. You will live the world they created and how it evolves from the first story on.


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