DARK WATERS (2019) Review: The Ugly Side of Consumer Science

Dark Waters stars (and produced by) Mark Ruffalo as lawyer Rob Bilott, who is hired by a group of small town folks from Parkersburg, West Virginia, to investigate the suspected poisoning of their local water supply and nearby dump by a company called DuPont plant. Yes, that DuPont. Anne Hathaway , Tim Robbins , Bill Pullman , Victor Garber, Mare Willingham also star in this film directed by Todd Haynes. The film is an insidiously captivating movie experience as we watch Bilott battle DuPont within the limits of the legal system as DuPont is in it for the long battle using every trick in the legal book to keep defending itself and its use of these highly toxic chemicals to make their products. — The chemicals turned out to be extremely toxic to living organisms and are known as PFAS, or forever chemicals. Unlike many chemicals that flush through our system, these do not. They stay around forever and accumulate within your body as you are exposed to them. The lawsuits were initially f

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