Nikki Cox Ruined Her Lips and Jay Mohr Changes His Name

Jay Mohr. He's hosted NASCAR banquest, formerly of Ghost Whisperer until CBS optioned him for Gary Unmarried, has done something rather interesting.

Back on December 19th, Jay filed a petition to change HIS last name to his wife's surname, Nikki Cox. This in turn would make Jay: Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr.

That's either touching love, or she does wear the pants in the family!


Which reminds me. When was the last time you saw Nikki Cox on TV? Did you see whatever the h*** she did to her lips?

She was on Ghost Whisperer back in May of '08 and she got a lip job and it was so bad that I DID NOT RECOGNIZE her.

Historically, she's been a beautiful young lady, but back then, she got her lips injected and it looked rather frightening. Now I stare because it was a train wreck.

I don't get why perfectly beautiful women feel compelled to try and fit into commercial cliques with physical changes like this.

The above image comes from the site: Awful Plastic and is a screen shot from their comparison photos. The screen shot is a good pic!

And I believe I have found the emotional proof of the pudding. Over on her MySpace page, she's got image pages. She's gone to the point of posting images of herself at the People's Choice Awards in Nov of 08 where she's wearing a blouse she never bothered to button up and we dang near have narpage slip. WTH Nikki? Are times that desperate?

Wow. The rest of her portfolio is no different than any of the no-name girls that slap themselves out on MySpace in hopes of being seen. Girlfriend, I am done wid you! Oh, and get a real webpage for crying out loud. (Does she even have one... I better go look before I hit publish... nope... just fan sites and reference sites)

[ images from nikki cox online, via MySpace ]

A more recent image comes from There's more at the link. Eesh.