Any News on 'Destination Truth,' 'Eureka' or Other Syfy Shows?

I fielded a question or two recently on if Destination Truth was renewed and if so, when it's coming back.  Also further on down, I have tiny bits and pieces of news on Sanctuary, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Haven and an upcoming Josh Gates public appearance!

I'm sure any fan of Destination Truth is aware, early 2011 the Syfy channel did announce that they renewed Destination Truth.  Once again Josh Gates will lead viewers on his world travels.

In this fifth season of Destination Truth, Gates is headed to Transylvania looking for vampires, Guatemala to check out haunted Mayan ruins and Vietnam to check out some of the world's largest caves.

Additionally, they're headed to Kazakhstan and at the request of the fans of Destination Truth, they're going to head back to Romania to check out the haunted forest again.

It sounds like Josh Gates has one fun job and I'm jealous.

Back at the time of the press release, (May of 2011), they said that production was already underway for the seven new episodes and that it was scheduled for a return in early 2012.

Still digging around, I found a recent press release from Syfy in February mentioned all kinds of shows, but no word on Destination Truth.


I did find a tidbit on Josh.

It seems that Josh Gates is scheduled to be at the 2012 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) where he will be on a panel and signing autographs.

That takes place on April 13–15, 2012, in the McCormick Place Convention Center.

But you aren't asking that, are you?

Hmm... Every site or associated media account says "Series Return 2012."  So now I tried tricking a few people on Twitter with this question:

"@joshuagates @syfy : Can anyone spill the beans on DESTINATION TRUTH's S5 premiere? Or hint.. or... on the sly... (I won't tell you told)"

[A Cinema_Static tweet]

Aaaaand, no one saw my tweet!  They are busy folk and they probably get hundreds of tweets sent at them, but hey, I had to try!

Digging around I found out Eureka returns on Monday, April 16th for its final season.

Haven was renewed, coming back later this year.

Syfy is airing both seasons of Lost Girl.  (Hmm, there are three, but they must have only licensed 2.)

Warehouse 13 season 4 will air later this year.

The Eureka series finale made the execs cry when they watched it.  Boo.

Josh Gates became the mayor of Syfy on foursquare.

As of Feb 14th, no word on Sanctuary returning (See my article on why I think the show is canceled.)

I've been scouring the Syfy Twitter channel and on Feb 1st Craig specifically said they don't have a return date yet.  (They love keeping fans in the dark and building the suspense!)

That's all I have... but stay tuned to Cinema Static and the moment I see or hear anything, a new post will pop up!

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