'The Heat' - A Funny Cop Film That Delivers

The Heat
Cast: Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy, Demian Bichir, Marlon Wayans and more
Directed by Paul Feig
Rated R, 117 mins long.


'The Heat' review, starring Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy

The story is about an overly ambitious FBI Special Agent Sarah Ashburn (Bullock).  She's promised a shot at a promotion within the agency if she could head to Boston to help locate a drug lord named Mr. Larkin.

In the process, she ends up partnering with the brash, territorial Boston PD detective by the name of Shannon Mullins (McCarthy).

Ashburn is very ambitious bordering on rude, while she doesn't use foul language and is rather prudish, while Mullins is more of a swirling mess of angry, unsociable attitude.  But in a funny way.

The movie starts out with us watching Ashburn lead a bust on a gang bangers house and shows us how smart she is at her job.

Then we're introduced to Mullins and her fascinating approach to head banging.  I mean suspect arrest processes.

The two meet when Ashburn lands in Boston and ends up questioning a prisoner of Mullins.

And the sparks go from there.


As it's called, good cop, mad cop.

When Bullock and McCarthy first meet, the onscreen chemistry is so good that we feel the angst that exists between these two instantly.  From Ashburn's process of "interviewing" prisoners, to Mullins "phone book" interview method, that alone should tell you what we have.

In the first act, it seems that McCarthy is let loose to do what she wants with her character and her first few tirades seem overdone, but as the film progresses, that goes away.

Bullock is pretty smooth with her character, as she evolves from a loner to a team player with Mullins.  More or less.


I'm not the most fond fan of cop comedies but this film did a number to me and had me laughing pretty hard.

Yes, McCarthy seems to be a one-trick pony but it's not too old yet.  It worked for me in this film at least.

On a movie review popcorn scale, I'd give this action comedy a 7 out of 10, easy.  It was a worthy rental and if you're a fan of either actress, probably a worthy purchase to add to your collection.

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