Jenna Coleman Leaving DOCTOR WHO; What Is Up With People Leaving This Show?

Doctor Who: Jenna Coleman is leaving the show. Find out why...

First it was rumor, now it is official, that Jenna Coleman announced in an interview that she's filmed her last scene of Doctor Who and has "left the Tardis."

She's leaving the time traveling series of Doctor Who to take the lead role in an eight-part ITV series called Victoria. She will be playing Queen Victoria in the series, or at least what I presume to be a younger version of the public figurehead prior to running a country.

Apparently she and show creator Steven Moffat had been working on a good story and exit point for the last 18 months or so. Or so she says.

Good luck to Jenna in her new career path as Victoria.


But egads, what is up with this show? They go through cast at a bit faster rate than most do. They go through both Doctors and companions on a near-regular basis.

Recently we've had Christopher Eccleston (14 episodes), David Tennant (49), Matt Smith (54) play "the Doctor," with Peter Capaldi playing the 12th rendition of the character.

On companions we've had a slew, with Billie Piper (35), Karen Gillan (37) & Arthur Darvill (27), Freema Agyeman (20) (sort of), with smatterings of repeat appearances of Alex Kingston and Catherine Tate.

Eccleston barely lasted a season, while Tennant delivered one hell of a Doctor until he left.

Smith came on board and pissed off the long-time fans because he was too young as far as they were concerned. But I believe he held his own and made it a great role. And now there's Capaldi. Though when he exited the show, he goofed in an interview letting it slip more than a year before leaving, but then covered it up fairly well until the official announcement.

How many episodes to you think Capaldi will pump out before leaving the production?


If I had to guess, I'd venture a hypothesis on the issue being money. Though there were crazy rumors about the infamous "creative differences" clause many tend to use, when it came to Eccleston.

I say money because being such a long-time running sci-fi series, one of the things that Doctor Who was known for was fairly inexpensive production costs while pumping out engaging stories.

They have a working formula for the stories while keeping costs down. Or at least that's what it was in the early days. I still think they have an eye on cost control, but not in a bad way... IE: It doesn't show.

And it's technically the longest running series ever, but not in continuity of time running, but rather, that since its inception in 1963, it is still around. The series took several breaks in production. It ran from 1963-89, then an attempted pilot in 1996. It revved production back up in 2005 to present day.

Since its (re)inception in 2005, it's created a few spinoffs, those being Torchwood (2006–2011), The Sarah Jane Adventures (2007–2011), and the short-lived robot dog series, K-9 (2009–2010).

Some of the best television I've ever seen came out of Torchwood in their mini-series, Torchwood: Children of Earth.


So there you have it, another companion has flown the police box Tardis. Which means now the search for a new companion will start sparking the imaginations of many, wondering who it will or could be. Will it be someone new that we have not seen yet or will a part-time character step up to assume the role, like Jenna's did?

Time will tell.  HA, I did not even mean for that to be a Dr. Who pun.

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