'Supergirl' Series Premiere

I already had issues with Kara's ship getting stuck in the phantom zone, but whatever works.

We learn how she got to Earth and why. We learn how she found her adoptive family and then jump to her adult life. We see how second-rate she is in her job because she is only good enough to be her 'fetch' person.

She hid her powers from the world to fit in, but then her own newspaper boss, Cat Grant, complains that her town does not have its own superhero. So she instantly goes out that night and saves a crashing plane with her adoptive sister on it.

Her boss is portrayed as a raging bitch, played by Calista Flockhart.

And after the save, she immediately confesses to a friend who she is. And it turns out her sister is a secret agent of an alien task force. And that the same way her ship got to Earth, a ship full of criminals from Kyypton also followed along.

Many, many things moved along super fast, (Ug, no pun there). From getting her ass kicked in a fight with an evil Kryptonian to somehow figuring out how, having never fought before, to come back and kick his ass. And then he kills himself when she gets him down. It was an easy out for her defeating him.


I'm a supporter of things comic book hero based, when done well enough. Even when they're not. And this being on CBS, I was expecting something on par with a decent, maturing story line.

The other thing I worry about is when a new show throws EVERYTHING at you in the first episode, for me, that's a huge warning sign. I've not seen a show survive when they have so little to put in reserve for later on in a season that it's survived.


One of the producers is Ali Adler, whose resume includes Glee, Chuck, No Ordinary Family and The New Normal & Andrew Kreisberg, whose resume includes The Flash, Arrow, Warehouse 13, Fringe, The Vampire Diaries, and more popular genre shows.

So WTH is up with this show? The creative force behind the show has potential. But this gaggle teen mode that Melissa Benoist delivers as Kara is frustrating to me. I am hoping this show evolves into something a bit more mature because if they don't I am not sure the ratings will hold it up.

And if there's anything I'd like, it is to see genre shows succeed so that we can start getting more crossovers with Arrow and Flash!

It was once said that Constantine would have survived if it aired on The CW. I hope they won't be saying that about Supergirl. But in my head, I keep thinking it's CBS, and they crank out some pretty decent stuff.


SO we'll see. I did not hate it. But I'm not won over yet. Not yet. I want to be.

Other cast includes Mehcad Brooks as James Olsen, Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers, David Harewood, Calista Flockhart, & Jeremy Jordan with recurring roles in this short 13-episode test/season.

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