BLACKLIST Spinoff, AQUAMAN Less Serious, A Tatum Dance Show, Sarah Palin???

The May 12th episode of The Blacklist, will star Famke Janssen. And that episode, if received well enough, could act as the "backdoor" pilot episode for a potential spinoff of The Blacklist.


I do love The Blacklist. But I think what makes it so appealing is who is in it, not what it is about.

If you pull out our stars and replace them with other cast, it becomes just another spy action thriller on TV without James Spader. And to be honest, he makes the show.

But I do love Janssen and it's possible she could pull off a suave, sneaky underworld character. We'll have to wait for the episode to air!

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So the standing rumors in life are that the DC/WB film world should be less humorous and more dramatic than Marvel movies. Great, got that.

But now, according to a piece over on Comic Book Movie, James Wan says that in the upcoming Aquaman film, there will be a different tone to the sea-going film.

He's been noted to saying Aquaman will be much lighter in tone than Batman v Superman.

Which is great... except for one thing... in the DC world, Aquaman is a pretty somber character. Or at least what I've read in the past, he was.

Then again, this could just be another BS marketing line dropped on bloggers to get headlines, because god knows, we fell for enough of those during the Batman v Superman marketing campaign.

We'll see. Right?

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You best be sitting down for this one...

Sarah Palin is trying to develop a daytime court show and sell it to networks. She was actually approached by the producer behind Judge Judy and Judge Joe Brown.

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are putting together a dance competition series for NBC. Dewan will be a judge while Channing's production company, Purple Cup Productions, will produce.

Jenna can presently be seen on CBSs series, Supergirl, starring as Lucy Lane, and previously, on Witches of East End.

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