CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR Trailer #2 Rocks, And There's Spider-Man!


Well, this second trailer for Captain America: Civil War seems to rock a ton more than the first one. That's not saying the first trailer did not rock. Just that this one rocks a ton more. It fills in a lot more information between the gaps of info we had from the first one, and adds some more great action scenes.

Now of late, the production staff has let out some press saying this is a ‘Psychological Thriller’ of sorts. I hate when they say that. The last time someone said their action flick was a ‘Psychological Thriller’, well, it fell hard and short of being just that.

But the politics here are a frustrating piece of the pie. One side believes heroes should register and be controlled and the other side says that they need to freedom to react to things they see when they're going south, and not just when the paper-work is processed and authorized.

We see more Black Panther action and then we see, at the very end, the surprise visit of the one and only, Spider-Man. Now how he fits into the story besides this quickie shot, I don't know, but OH MY GOD, could we have made him wear a brighter suit than that???

Below are the two trailers for Captain America: Civil War, starting with the new one, then the first one...

Trailer #2:

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Trailer #1:

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One thing I am enjoying about the Steve Rogers (Cap. America) films is that much of the heavy lifting of the background themes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe seem to happen here, in the CAP films. All the politics and evolution of the films tend to happen around Rogers stories, and that makes him quite critical in the scheme of things.

I like that, because otherwise, I don't know how his character would have been received on-film, if all he ended up being was a situational character. I never gravitated to his books, but I am loving the movies.

Just saying.

Captain America Civil War promo art poster

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