SUICIDE SQUAD Is Getting Rave Early Screening Reviews... Just Like BvS Did!

Remember when the early screenings that WB held for Batman vs Superman and everyone took to Twitter frothing all over themselves about how good it was?

Yes, about that... well, now WB is pulling that stunt again and they had an early screening with Suicide Squad and everyone who is supposed to not talk about it is raving about it and leaking their thoughts all over the internet, despite supposed embargoes.

Some are saying that Harley Quinn steals the show and other chest-beating statements. And to think, this film is not due out for a very, very long time yet!

It is a fun trailer... I'll give it that, but we've been duped by trailers before, right?


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  1. Excellent looking trailer, i still havent seen the batman superman film.

    At $10+ for a movie it gets to be pick and choose time as to which one to see


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