Fan Suing About SUICIDE SQUAD Cut Scenes - Reality Soon To Kick In

SO there's this "fan" out there who seems to be pissed off that the Joker was not in as much of Suicide Squad as he felt, he was led to believe he would be.

This poor fellow seems to think that just because he saw scenes in the advertising of the movie in clips and trailers, that he was going to see it all and then some, about the Joker and Katana in the movie.

After seeing the film, he asked the movie theater for a refund because the scenes he wanted to see weren't in the movie.

He's called the movie trailers false advertising, since many scenes with the Joker and Katana, never made the screen in theaters.

He says he drove over 300 miles to see all these scenes that never showed up.

He also alludes to this tricky kind of marketing that will entice fans and consumers to buy director cut versions later on when a film comes to the home entertainment market of DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Poor guy.


My first take is that he's been living under a rock and that possibly, this is the first movie he ever went to see in movie theaters. Respectfully speaking.

Because to be honest, I am going to assume that you, like myself, have seen this very situation occur time and time again. Trailer scenes never show up in the final theater version.

And to be honest, for me, that's fine. Plus, what scenes did show up in the movie, from the marketing trailers, fell pretty flat for me.

The thing was, that in the trailers, the scenes were peppered with exciting music from Queen, but in the film, the scenes just showed up without the musical fanfare, and thus, when they showed up, were not carrying the same energy in the film.


Either way, what this fan is trying to fight is a huge, uphill battle against the industry of Hollywood. Marketing is a business designed to engage the consumer, make them think they want to see or buy something.

Look at TV ads...  it's a $20 billion per season business designed to draw money out of consumers pockets using the tricks of associative famialiarity. And movie trailers are designed to make you want to see a movie. There's no gaurantee, as far as I'm concerned, that anything from the movies will show up in trailers and clips.

And sometimes, I don't mind that one bit. And of late, have come to expect it.

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I think this fan has some unrealistic expectations, not to mention how it confuses me that he drove 300 miles to see a movie. Did he NOT have any theaters closer to him than that? Has he not used Fandango?

In all seriousness, there is some conjecture that this Reddit post was a tongue in cheek gripe, so there's that. It will be interesting if anything actually comes of this. If they do follow through with some kind of legal action, it will be interesting to see what, if anything comes of it.

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