The gang behind the "Sharknado" franchise on the Syfy channel really outdid themselves this time, in both the hilarity of logic and the jumping of the shark, literally.

The show starts out in Las Vegas, five years in the future, when the technology has been created to prevent the Sharknado events. But a new kind of Sharknado exists and the technology fails.

Now there are sandnados, oilnados, firenados, cownados and other kinds of nados.

This being an Asylum production, they did what they do best in this fourth installment: They copy or do cheap knock offs of famous or popular movies. It started with the title, then they slapped together a quickie, cheap production, with quite horrible editing while taking and borrowing shots and phrases from various pop culture movie and TV show riffs.

Some riffs and knockoffs were cute, others made me say OMG. The cameos by various personalities made it bearable, while some of the riffs or mocked moments from various past shows or movies was so blatant. These ranged from two ex-Baywatch cast telling David Hasselhoff there are no lifeguards at this location, to Tara Reid's character pulling Ian Zering's character from the rubble and saying, "Come with me if you want to live!"

Heck, the movie opened riffing on "Star Wars," and it went from there, shamelessly.

From Carrot Top playing an Uber driver, to Tara Reid being mostly android, well, they went big in this fourth installment. I figured the way they were going all out hokey this time around that this would probably be, or at least, they were planning on this being the last rendition of this franchise.

But then they ended it with an open-ended cliff-hanger of sorts.  Oh god, really?

We'll see how it does and how soon they announce the next film in the franchise, if there will be a next one.

All in all, it was classic "Sharknado," and I'm not sure that is saying much!

To be honest with you, I don't get how this franchise took off like it did with the first one. But it must be so extreme in the comedic action that folks just ate it up.

Check out some of the hokey lines:

"Chainsaw on, chainsaw off."

"May the force be with you" 

"The storm has been rushing through Texas; it hit an oil field, creating an oilnado. The oilnado exploded, creating a firenado. The firenado hit an electrical plant, creating a lightningnado. And it's heading straight for Kansas." This line was delivered by Gilbert Gottfried, as a weather chasing reporter.

"I'm gonna get you, Fin Shepard, and your little chainsaw too."

"Dad, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." 

Some of the cameos or roles included Tommy Davidson, Cheryl Tiegs, Masiela Lusha, Carrot Top, Cody Linley, Imani Hakim, Dr. Drew, Vince Neil, Adrian Zmed, Rascal Flatts singer Jay DeMarcus Wayne Newton, Erika Girardi and Brandi Glanville, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey, David Faustino, Gary Busey, Dog the Bounty Hunter, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" alums Caroline Williams and Dan Yeager, Dolvett Quince, Natalie Morales and Al Roker, Howard Stern Show regular Benjy Bronk, Steve Guttenberg, Stacey Dash, Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor, former Baywatch co-stars Alexandra Paul and Gena Lee Nolin and a few more here and there that looked familiar but I could not figure out their names.

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