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- Did you know that Fox has Three X-Men Movies, a New Mutants film, Deadpool 2, and Dark Phoenix movie, all hitting theaters in 2018? At the moment there's been no mention of X-Force, which is being sort of looked at as a Deadpool 2.5, since Cable and Deadpool will be in it.

- So the next two Avengers movies were originally called Infinity War, parts one and two. But then Marvel started scrambling and saying these are two different movies and that they are not part one and two. Sure, what ever. But then during an interview recently, Zoe Saldana was talking about filming Ifinity War, and that later this year, they'll need to get back together to film Gauntlet.

So there you go, if that's a real slip, then Infinity War is part one, and Avengers: Gauntlet is the (not) part two, which, if that this second part is truly titled Guantlet, well, it's silly that Marvel is saying these next two films are different movies.

So, unless they somehow work in the new version of Capt America in the comics, into this series of films. That would suck because I DO NOT LIKE where they went with Cap. AT ALL. What they've done just about impacts how I feel about the movies, it changed my feelings about the films to some degree.

- M. Night Shyamalan announced via Twitter that his next film, Glass, will be in theaters January 18th, 2019. But what's really interesting is that it is a sequel to both Split and Unbreakable.  Bruce Willis is playing David Dunn, Samuel L. (I'm in almost every movie ever made) Jackson will return as Mr. Glass. James McAvoy will return as The Horde and Anna Taylor Joy will return as Casey Cooke.  Apparently if you saw Split, this makes sense. And if you haven't seen Split yet, but waiting to see it at home, well, I guess they just spoiled things for some of us.

Hey, I always wanted to see an Unbreakable sequel. Sweet!

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