HONEST TRAILERS Still Dark After Firing (Alleged) Sexual Predator


The very last Honest Trailers spoof was posted on October 3rd, and since then, the people behind the digital product have been going through some tough times.After an investigation into sexual harassment claims from multiple sources, Honest Trailers creator, Andy Signore was first suspended, then a day later, outright fired.

It's such a shame that such an alleged piece of shit heralded such a great product, but it is what it is.  Signore was the co-creator of Honest Trailers.


Since his firing, we've seen no new trailers and fans are wondering what's up.  According to sources the people on the team of HT (Honest Trailers) have been meeting every day to figure things out. And to be honest, I'm not part of the process, but I can only imagine how complicated it can be, if Signore had a good contract drafted up that named him controlling editor of HT content. Unless of course, Defy Media, the company that backs HT, had clauses that irradicate certain controls under certain, illegal or mal-intended actions.

Like I said, it could be complicated and the HT team may have their hands tied because of certain contractual intricacies.

But since the events of the first week of October, aside from HT staff members chiming in to say be patient, the powers in charge of this product have been stone cold silent.

They've taken some behind the scenes acts of things like removing Signore's image from some thumbnails in videos and other content.

But otherwise, Defy is blowing off all attempts by mainstream and other media outlets requests for updates or information.

In one piece, it was written,

"... made multiple attempts to contact Jodi Smith-Bulhack, Defy’s senior VP communications, but emails went unanswered and phone calls rang without response or going to voice mail...."

When they went to the HQ of Defy,

"... requested Smith-Bulhack, and the receptionist said she’d be out shortly. Instead, a lawyer came to the lobby: Adam Silverman, Defy’s assistant general counsel and senior VP of business and legal affairs. He said she was “unavailable,” but we should continue emailing her to set up an appointment."

This kind of treatment to requests for information reminds me of mega companies that don't give a crap about customers. Or a company planning on something big, and probably not approving by the general public, like killing the product or changing it up a bit.

If you might recall or know, legal issues effed up Mystery Science Theater back in the day which then led to RiffTrax, and now that the legal restrictions have been lifted some umpteen years later, MST3K has returned with Joel at the head of the project.

So there might be something going on behind the Defy scenes of a legally restrictive nature or something else?But for crying out loud, at least drop a note or two for fans.


Defy and Screen Junkies might have more of a problem than we're being led to believe.

Once the recent sexual abuse allegations became public, even more information and complaints started to come forward, and it seems that women have been lodging complaints with Defy for quite a while (for at least two months), while Defy seemingly sat on their hands to investigate allegations.

Like I said, there may be more going on than we know.

But fans do deserve something of a tidbit of any kind of update. You would think.




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