INHUMANS Premiere, Debuted As Expected

I just powered through the new Marvel show, Inhumans series premiere, and I have to say, if I actually went out and paid money to see it in theaters (which I'm not that much of a dupe), I would have been pretty pissed.

Then again, critics destroyed the TV movie before it hit theaters. (How's that for an oxymoron statement?) In addition, the title barely has any studio support, if you use the IMDb page for the show as any kind of hint. I mean, wow, did they call the parking attendant to come in and type a single sentence to describe the franchise? WTF? Somebody in the upper offices does not like this franchise, at least that's what it looks like form here.

But as a TV show, it was tolerably boring and the ratings showed it, since it premiered on a Friday night, it barely pulled in 4 million viewers. And why would it? It's a Friday night. But industry experts expected ABC to put it there because of the horrible reception it got in its previews and reviews. Even in this day and age when so many people watch things after the fact on DVRs or streaming offerings, the night of the week a show airs is still important.


The Inhumans story line covers the royal family that gets ousted from their throne and ends up on Earth. But the first hour is the royal family drama, taking place in their city, on the moon. Then as the disconnected Marvel story starts to develop, and the evil brother starts to attempt to kill the family, they get themselves teleported to different locations on Earth, so now they have to find each other.

But before that happens, we have to experience each of their own experiences, while on Earth, the place that, as we've seen in Agents of SHIELD, the humans do know about the Inhumans.

But the main character, Black Bolt, played by Anson Mount, is going to be a tough role to play, considering he does not talk. He can talk, but his power lies in the destructive power of the sound waves his voice makes. So he can't talk, without doing damage.

Medusa, the lady whose hair is like an angry octopus, is played by Serinda Swan. But in the premiere episode, the evil overthrowing brother of Black Bolt, Maximus (Iwan Rheon) cut off her hair. So she is without her biggest asset as a character.

Yes, Iwan played the nasty little shit Ramsay on Game of Thrones, and he yet again is playing an evil character, but true to this show, the evil is dumbed down to a stern talking role. There's none of that sadistic side that Iwan seems so good at playing.

To be honest, the three actor above are totally wasting their time and talents on this show.  Other characters are played by Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish.

As a DVR'd show, I came away not hating it. But that's because I could hit my 30-second jump button when long, drawn out scenes or conversations were taking place.

And to date, it would seem that Inhumans has outdone Iron Fist (on Netflix) as Marvel's worst product on TV/streaming yet.

I will watch the eight-episode series, but to be honest, despite the popularity of the comic title, this was probably not their best call for a set of characters like this. They're too foreign to humanity and they have an uphill battle trying to get viewers to feel something for them. We needed to bring some other property or title into their realm, and drawn them into the Marvel Cinematic/Television Universe that way. Like they did with Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD.

Then again, from how it looks, they should have tried to put some quality effort into the product and not rushed it out.


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