What Happened to Honest Trailers, Where Is the Latest Honest Trailer Entry?

Why did HONEST TRAILERS stop their weekly post?

In case you had not noticed, the regular Tuesday Honest Trailers entries have not been posted over the last couple of weeks.

Turns out that the creator of the streaming phenomenon, Andy Signore, after an in-depth investigation from claims of sexual harassment, has been let go from the company.

Signore was fired "for his egregious and intolerable behavior" after telling an intern that he masturbated to photos of her.

Others have come forth since.


And to be honest, after the Hollywood casting couch abuse reports that seem to be multiplying every day, and from other events surrounding website bloggers over the years who have had similar complaints put forth on them, it's absolutely amazing and great news to see individuals coming forward, no longer afraid to talk about their mistreatment.

Of course, Screen Junkies is catching heat from all the "online experts" in their comments on YouTube or from various Twitter commenters, as they imply that this situation had gone on for too long and it only took public embarrassment for them to take any action. Or whatever the 'instant experts' are saying in the commentaries.

I wasn't there, I don't know.

Of course some of the better comments, though legally they can't do it, is for SJ to put up an Honest Trailer on Andy Signore.

Too funny. And yet so so sad that people have to be this way.


There are some concerns that Honest Trailers is ending, but one comment put up a few days ago under the Blade Runner trailer indicated that,

"For those wondering if this is the last Honest Trailer, it is not! I went on twitter, and people who work on the trailers said that until the situation is resolved and they get answers, there going to be on break for a while."

So here's hoping, and patiently waiting.

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