Is It Time to Bail on REGAL CINEMAS?

Why do I ask if we should bail on the Regal Cinemas theater chain? Because in a recent report, it's been said that Regal is considering altering how they charge for movie tickets.

This new charging scheme that they're considering will involve charing more for popular movies and less for the flops.

To some degree, I like this. If we're paying full price to see good and crappy movies seems I can get behind discounting prices for the crap movies.  But to increase prices for blockbusters seems more on the bullshit side of this equation.

Ticket prices are already pricey enough. Pricey enough that it could possibly be the reason they had the worse box office performance in 15-20 years. People are staying home in favor of Netflix and Amazon rather than drop the bucks on movies. As an example, I spent over $100 for four people to go see a movie with some popcorn. That's pretty effed up.

But Regal wants to jack up prices anyway. At least in this test in certain markets. Regal will start this experiment or program in 2018, but industry experts are wondering if it will work and how audiences will respond.

The problem is that people will probably still go, giving the premise some legs. But to be honest, this is the chance for consumers to make a statement and just not support Regal during this experiment. Find another theater or force your will power and have patience until the movie you want to see is on Netflix or a pay cable channel.

I know that would a tough thing to pull off, but I'm stubborn enough to make it work for me.

Now if the flops are movies we might like, and that's not so far-fetched, then I'm all for it. But I'm not paying more for big hits. Nope, movie tickets cost enough as it is.

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  1. Cannot stand Regal. Out of three in my area, One has terrible sound and seating, One has a small IMAX and one has RPX. I'll go to my locally owned theater with THX unless there's a issue with show times.

  2. I totally understand... I give my local theaters more business than the chains, and I do base if I see a movie on movie times... because the one thing I hate is meandering to a theater to catch a movie, and all there ever is are over-priced 3D movies.


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