Pokemon Go - Feeding Pokemon Berries To Get Candies

Pokemon Go - Oh who do I feed berries to first?

With the latest rendition of Gyms and the overhaul that Niantic did a few months back, one of the newer (nicer?) features is that ability to get candy and Stardust from any Pokemon (Pmon) you feed at gyms... sometimes. Which can be handy if you have a stagnant Dragonite, Gyarados, Blissey, Tyranitar or Snorlax (just to name a few) that you want to power up but aren't finding any sources for your addiction... I mean candy.

The trick is that whether you're at the gym you are defending or remotely feeding candies to yours and other PMons at the gym your Pmon is defending, sometimes you will get a candy from the Pmon you are feeding.

At least with every berry fed, you will get a whopping meager 100 Stardust! Don't go spending it all in one place! But all joking aside, at least there's something for the sacrifice.


But a lot of people are dialing in to various bulletin boards saying that you get a 1% return on berries fed for candies received. The responses seem rather overwhelming, but I'm not sure it's that low of a return. At least for me. But then again, I've not been keeping close track.

Over the last few weeks, I have received the following berry count:

Dragonite: - 1
Gyarados: - 1
Wailmer: - 1
Blissey: -2
Snorlax: - 2
Tyranitar: - 2

But I honestly do not feel like I've emptied 900 berries on gyms to get those eggs over the last few weeks, (less than two months of time) but I can't say for sure. I'll have to start counting, but I don't play that much, and seem to get a berry every other day or so.

What I've been doing is being very selective on who or what I feed, because nothing would tick me off more than getting a Rattata candy by mistake, and then keeping track of all my berries. Then when one or more of my berries inventory count gets pretty high, IE: bag getting full, I'll spend some time feeding Pmons my excess.

You are only allowed to feed 10 berries to any one monster at a time and there is some kind of time restriction but I haven't counted what it is, since I'm always on the move. Plus, it does not matter if their HP/motivation is full or not, they'll take whatever you want to give them.

If I come across a gym with a few desirable Pmons, I'll feed five to one, switch to the second Pmon, feed that one five, switch back and feed the other one five more, then finish the second Pmon off. Though to be honest, I don't think it matters how they're fed.

What's kind of sweet about this deal is that if you show up at a gym and you dump your own Pmon in there, and then feed it, it still works! I did that once when I dumped a Snorlax on a gym to defend it. I dumped, I fed, and I got an egg. So there's no restrictions on how you get the candy back, when you do.

And who you feed berries to is up to you and your own tactics on what you have priority on. I've been chasing Blissey candies of late, powering up my Blissey for gym defense, but then it hit me that I've been wasting monumental time because gym defense is a bit of a joke. I can take down any fully populated, powered-up gym with one or two Pmons of my own. And if I encounter a gym full of Pokemon with 0 motivation, one of my own can take the entire group down.


Personally, I use this 'berry for egg' function as a way to maintain inventory control of my bag while boosting my more important fighters. When my bag starts getting full, I start selectively dumping berries on Pokemon that are defending my own gyms, and it's paid off nicely on and off. And it's nice to get an egg or two back every now and then.

I think I'll start keeping track to see if this is truly a 1% return rate, then again I wonder if it is also dependent on trainer level? I'm a level 33 trainer, so that might influence the egg return rate. Not sure. We'll see.

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