DRACULA (2020) on Netflix, A Quick TV Review

DRACULA (2020) on Netflix, A Quick TV Review

This is a quickie review of Netflix's Dracula starring a few new folks I have never seen before: Claes Bang, Dolly Wells, Morfydd Clark, Lydia West and more vampire victims!

Netflix's DRACULA is good in some ways and forces you to commit to see it through to the end in other ways.

The entire ensemble of characters from the franchise is represented in this three-episode mini-series, from Van Helsing, Mina, Harker, Lucy, Renfield and the lot, but not in the classic sense. And now that I know who wrote the series, Steven Moffat (Doctor Who, Sherlock), pretty much everything I've seen in the episodes now makes perfect sense now.

Moffat and his co-writer Mark Gatiss (Sherlock) take the familiar characters and toss them up in the air and remix who/how we encounter them. It became ejoyable to see this. At first it's a bit befuddling, but if you stick to it, you get past the subtle confusion and start to have your attention pulled in to keep following the updates to this modern plot spin.

Claes Bang in Netflix's DRACULA!
Claes Bang as Dracula

Dracula's transformations are fascinating while if you're also paying attention, there's a subtle Marvelesque kind of humor slipped in here and there, in the first few episodes.

The three episodes span a chunk of time, from when Jonathan Harker first visits Count Dracula in his castle to the final confrontation with Van Helsing.

At first confusing, I came to truly enjoy Van Helsing's character, as bold and daring as this character is, this was Moffat's new version of Doctor Who, who rather than using weapons, used words, knowledge and daring! I think people will enjoy that aspect. A paraphrased quote: "You won't kill me at this moment. We're English. Conversation is to be had before dinner!"

The Count in this Netflix series seems to be our classic vampire, yet we learn just how those characteristics are defined, and sometimes, the mold broken. Who'd a thunk his ego is his...  oh never mind, you'll see.

I enjoyed the first 2.9 episodes, but I am truly not sure about the ending of this mini-series. You will either love it or be effing confused by it and hate it. Though to be honest, now that I know Moffat was one of the writers, the ending makes perfect sense... for his spin on it.


I've been vague about some things from Netflix's Dracula series so you are entertained and surprised by the twist-ups.

I loved watching it due to the twists, though some say the series was disappointing, the IMDb crowd gave it a 6.8/10 and then there's the premise of how some reviewers seemed focused on the sexuality of the Count, but I didn't see what they were talking about. I saw a blood-thirsty vampire guy doing his thing.

For me, it was a great download to watch while commuting, so I had something quite boring to compare the series to. I don't know. I think this will be a hit or miss kind of viewing experience.

But to be honest, my favorite vampires are Kate Beckinsale from the Underworld series, and Luke Evans in the 2014 film, Dracula Untold. I have no clue how that film failed but it was quite amazing for me to see this origin tale.

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