TIME TRAP (2017), You See It Coming And It's Still Entertaining

I found something worth watching, if, well, you know, you're stuck at home for a while.

I was digging around my Netflix collection trying to find something to watch. It's like having cable with hundreds of dull channels,but in this case, hundreds of ho-hum titles. I have gotten into the habit of double checking every title with IMDb so I don't end up wanting to throw my laptop out the window.

So when I saw a decent score on Time Trap, I thought I'd check it out.

"A professor enters a cave and goes missing. Some of his students come looking for him and get trapped in the cave as well."

The film stars a young, good looking cast. Almost too good looking, because as the story started setting the pace and they started to add tight tank-top wearing cast, I started to worry. But I stuck it out because of the IMDb score. Glad I looked it up.

So the story goes, a teacher goes looking for his parents who had disappeared some years ago.  But then he disappears and subsequently, some students of his decide to join him, hoping for the extra credit in his class.


As they develop the setting, it feels a bit hokey, but then the kids get to the location that their professor and his parents disappeared from.

The film's title is Time Trap... so it's a bit of a spoiler there, so I'm not going to beat around the bush here.

When the professor gets to the cave, he sees someone just inside the cave entrance, holding perfectly still, but as he approaches this person, the other person starts to slowly speed up from a stand-still and walks away from the prof. It was a nice transition.

Then the kids show up, and they actually find where the professor's parents entered the cave, but the ropes they had set up seemed to have been cut clean.

As the kids (I've been calling them kids, but they're young adults) enter the cave, they repel down the opening and while they're exploring their landing point, someone cuts their ropes and they find themselves trapped.

They decide to send the more skilled climber of the group up the vertical tube, but what she finds is confounding, confusing and mind-boggling.

She descends back into the cave for them to all discover that while she was gone a short period of time to her, her mates say she's been gone a lot longer than she has perceived and that's when everyone comes to the conclusion what this cave is, and what has happened or is happening to them.

And then someone skipped the entire rope idea and dropped a ladder to our stuck kids.

- - -

To be honest, I thought this would be about as predictable as can be, but as I sit back and enjoyed the viewing experience, I found myself feeling entertained enough to enjoy the movie.

Some things are quite predictable and other things come out of the woodwork, and you go, ahhhh, of course that would happen.

But I still enjoyed the film. It went from a time-killer, to potentially intriguing, to being curious about how the filmmakers will end the film and I liked how it ended. In fact, I wanted to see more but then again, the film may have ended perfectly.

Oh, by the way, the IMDb score was 6.5/10. It was written by Mark Dennis, whose previous work, Strings (2011) also has a 6.5 IMDb score. It was directed my Mark Dennis and Ben Foster.

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