VOYAGERS (2021) Review: A Gritty Look At Our Future

VOYAGERS (2021) Review

Voyagers was written and directed by Neil Burger (Divergent, The Illusionist, The Upside) and stars Colin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, Lily-Rose Depp, & Fionn Whitehead.

Voyagers tells the tale of our future, where the planet is dying and we need to find a new place to screw up... I mean move to. Our top scientists find a potential candidate and we need to send an exploratory crew to go investigate it. The problem is that the journey, with our technology, will take 80+ years.

The plan was a good one... send 30 young people on a voyage and by the time the ship arrives at the planet, their grandchildren will be the explorers.

Colin Farrell leads the cast in the first act, but his is not a long-lived role, leaving the surviving teens to be in charge of the mission.  Regardless of any situation they may find themselves in, the young crew have all the necessary instructional guides to help keep them on their path, but as a few teens start to notice, one of their nutritional supplements is a medication designed to keep them emotionally in-check. 

When they choose not to take 'the blue,' the chemical that's keeping them in check, that's when human nature kicks in and total anarchy erupts within this once well-oiled mini-society. They start to make choices that are not best for the mission, but for themselves.

Underneath it all, there are other sub-stories that are going on that are worth the watch, making the film a more intriguing watching experience…

(Sound familiar?)


The young cast successfully pulls off this tale of whoa as the future of humanity potentially depends on these kids accomplishing their given task.

All in all, it was a very engaging movie experience that could be worth your time if you come across it in your channel surfing.

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