Will The 'Justice League' Be Showing Up in CW's 'Arrow'

We previously reported on Cinema Static the news that Barry Allen, aka, The Flash, will be showing up on CW's Arrow.  The appearance will act as a kick off for a new Flash series on the CW.


Other bits is that Barry Allen will be showing up on and off on Arrow throughout the upcoming season.

Justice League movie news?

But then there was a different fascinating news bit that was dropped at today's TCA from the CW.

Arrow producers dropped the huge tease that it's possible that other members of the Justice League might make appearances on the show.  Those league members, in case you don't know, are Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman, The Flash and Aquaman.

But they also made the point that Arrow is grounded more in reality than Smallville was.

I'm not sure what that might mean, but it seems to hint at the idea that rather than razzle dazzle super heroes, we could possibly be meeting their alter egos instead.

And yes, there's word of a Flash movie in the works.


I have to wonder if WB and DC are looking at Arrow or The CW as a venue to start building awareness for a Justice League movie?  They have the uphill battle of trying to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, without looking like they're copying Marvel or being forced to try and create the Justice League movie in a different and non-optimal process.

Using a television platform to start building awareness for a movie is an inexpensive proposition, versus making movies and hoping they break even or make money.

TV is cheaper and has a broader audience that can be reached more readily.

This could be WB's way of getting the DC super-powered team in the formative stages of leading into movies.  At least it seems that this could be one avenue open to WB.  They've had a rough go at it with any potential script.  This could be an interesting alternative.

We'll see.

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