AMC Spitting Out A Spinoff From 'The Walking Dead'

AMC knows it has a good thing with The Walking Dead, and with Breaking Bad taking its bow in a few weeks, one has to wonder what will fill its shoes.

If you look at it, once Breaking Bad is done, what's there to watch?

The Walking Dead season 4 promo art

Well, there's the Breaking Bad prequel/spinoff, called Better Call Saul.  But now there will be a second franchise under The Walking Dead banner that isn't dependent on the comic book source.

It's slated to hit the cable net in 2015 and as is appropriate, Robert Kirkman is excited.


The new show will have nothing to do with the series we're watching now, but will take place in a different part of this zombie infested world.

Much like CSI, CSI: Miami, etc..

As it stands, fans love what we have.  It's going to be a tall order to knock something out of the park with the same zeal and draw, without looking like the original.

I guess we'll see how it goes.

It could be good news, plus I can't wait to see if The Walking Dead is still around then or not?  I mean how much ducking zombies and small-time zealots can the TV fan take?

The Walking Dead S4 promo for characters Glenn and Maggie

Speaking of which, season four of The Walking Dead premieres on AMC on October 13.  (Christian Serratos (Twilight) will be in season four in the recurring character role of Rosita Espinosa.)

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