'The Talking Dead' Needs More Real Guests

Chris Hardwick in The Talking Dead

Tonight after The Walking Dead's episode, Live Bait, the follow up show, The Talking Dead, had guest David Morrissey (The Governor) and one other guy/actor to share the after-episode chat duties.

But it's not that often they have guests from the show, and rather, have guests from other shows.

As far as I can tell, most of the guests just want to jump on the coat tails of the show and get some exposure.

In many cases the guests seem to stumble through talking about the show.  They aren't very in tune with past events that contribute to the present story.

They seem to ping off the episode they were just exposed to and what or how the questions are posed to them.

Now sure, maybe they can't afford cast members joining them every time, but it would be nice to have actual fans of the series.

It's awesome when writers or other showrunners show up... even if they have to talk around issues.

It's great when cast members join the show.

Now two guests from the past who were obvious fans of the series, were Chris Jericho and Marilyn Manson.  These guys knew things from season one and on and were a pleasure to watch chat about various conjectures.

That and host Chris Hardwick has hit gold with this show, as it's spun off into other after-shows, like the Breaking Bad show, the Talking Bad.

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