Contract Extensions for GREY'S ANATOMY Cast

For some odd reason I thought that Grey's Anatomy might have been coming to a close this or next year.  But now I'm seeing out there that Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have extended their contracts with the ABC series for another two years.

Now before we jump for joy and rejoice, let's take a quick look at a few technicalities of the TV entertainment world.

It's not uncommon to sign talent for beyond the expected run time of a TV show.  It ensures that if the show goes beyond when they expect it to fade away, they at least have the talent on board, just in case.

And with these two new contracts for Pompeo and Dempsey, being for the 11th and 12th season, ABC has yet to renew Grey's Anatomy beyond the 10th season.  Yet.

But the contract renewals seem to hint at ABC keeping the show around at least for another season.

And for now, these are the only two regulars that have signed for two more years.  I'm sure the others will follow suit.

It's like hey, wanna keep working on this hit show?

Don't forget, Sandra Oh is leaving, regardless.

But then again, is it still a hit show?

I know enough peers that used to watch the show and say they're tired of the same old routine, week in and week out.  Meaning that every week, there's the usual medical emergency, then there's the usual at-work bopping in the broom closet, and so forth and so on.

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