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Wonder Woman fights who in Batman v Superman

In one of the trailers that I provide below for Batman v Superman, we see Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in battle with an unseen enemy. For all I knew, I was guessing Superman (Henry Cavill), since any time two characters meet for the first time, comic book companies always have to have them fight. I don't know, whatever. But that's why I was guessing she was scrapping with Superman.

So Batman (Ben Affleck) gets pissed because of the damage that's done during Kal-el's fight with Zod. I'm guessing he needs to take this up with Supes. In the mean time, we are introduced to Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor and a few other characters like Aquaman (Jason Momoa), rumors of The Flash, Cyborg and whoever else they may end up packing into the film to prepare us for the upcoming Justice League movie that comes out in Nov of 2017.

We see Lex Luthor, played what appears to be sublimely by Jesse (I hate Comic-Con) Eisenberg. But we seem to have more baddies shoved into the mix.

When will we stick to just a few bad guys at a time folks? Don't we have plenty of time to vent them out?

Any way, according to sources of sources, it is not Superman or Batman for that matter.

What follows is a potential spoiler. One in which one source could not give a shit about you and put it in their post title and web address, while another had a comic-still as their lead-in with the spoiler combatant in it. WTF people? You know it is a spoiler but you shove it in fan's faces, whether they want it or not? You're starting to act like TV Line! Sheesh.

This is classic: One site has the spoiler in the title and a spoiling image... then once you get to the post they lead with "SPOILER WARNING!"  Classic!

BTW: If you really don't want to be too spoiled, if you've seen the primary trailers, that's probably good enough to whet your apetite. But after that, in the last few months of their marketing scheme, avoid the clips. OMG, avoid the little clips that start popping up. Marvel/Disney have this down to a science where you think you're good, then you get a clip a few weeks before the film and boom, what could have been a cool surprise turns into a let down in the theater! Just saying.

Here you go, that supposedly huge Batman v. Superman SPOILER that we should take with a grain of salt....

Batman v. Superman SPOILER








Supposedly the entity that Wonder Woman is fighting is the much-fabled Doomsday.

Supposedly the source has a chunk of details about the fight but I feel I've led with enough info here. For months folks have wished/thought/rumored/conjectured that Doomsday was in this film.

Doomsday, when he first appeared in the comics a long time ago, killed Superman. But instead of putting the title away like DC thought they would, the fight to the death sparked a new love for Supes and away it went.

We'll see if it is all correct or not when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes out in theaters March 25, 2016.

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