Marvel THOR RAGNAROK Movie and IRON FIST Series Rumors, Plus MAD MAX and One More

10-12-15: It's being said that Hulk will be appearing in the next Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Tom Hiddleston is also rumored to be appearing. Though in subsequent reports, Hiddleston says he has not chatted with Marvel in two years.

According to the rumors, Hulk will be on a distant planet of his own, so to speak. You know, as in, "like" Planet Hulk.


HULK/ THOR UPDATE 10-16-15: Deadline Hollywood now confirms that the Hulk will be in Thor: Ragnarok. Though the film is being directed by someone I've never heard of, ever. I guess that's one of those cost-saving measures.

Later in the same Deadline article, they put out some link-bait inquiries, wondering why we don't see a solo-movie for The Hulk in the MCU. As they like to call the websites that scoop them, geek sites, those same sites have covered that issue, where Marvel has done market studies saying that there is not quite the same pull for having a Hulk film as there is for other characters right now.

End update.

More rumors about Marvel projects is that the Netflix's Iron Fist series is having a tough time pulling together a decent story. Also that there is more corroboration that the Inhumans movie is dead.

They say that if  we see a 50-person lay off in the near future from Marvel Studios (another layer of rumor) then this may prove that these other two items are also true.

Then again, my motto is that time will be the telling factor.



Remember when we mentioned that we probably won't be seeing Charlize Theron in the Mad Max sequel and now there is new news saying that script writer George Miller is not sure about Theron's character ever showing up again, but then says "She's not in the Mad Max sequel story."

Gives a bit of credence to the original note about Theron not being on board.



Under The No Originality in Hollywood Category:

Oh god. ABC is rebooting Fantasy Island. This will be the third time they try digging in for a remake.

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