Ouch, The next Terminator film has been removed from Paramount Pictures movie schedule.  I guess that says I made a good move not wasting money on it. I'll wait until it hits my pay channels instead!

Of course the 'spin' is that it's not on hold, but they're adjusting their vision of this Terminator universe.

Adjusting as in toning down the costs of making a movie and going straight to TV? There is that option. Again.

- - -

Along with the new Xena show coming out on NBC sometime down the road, there's also going to be a new Xena comic book. But the figure in the comic book will bear Lucy Lawless's likeness.

What's up with that? Does that mean Lawless will be back or will there be a new Xena?  We'll see as the time approaches, right?

Or has the reboot project floundered and this is all the fans will be getting instead?

As of December they had a writer lined up for the show.

- - -

OMG, another Chicago "?" is in the works on NBC called Chicago Law. Wow, I've never seen a franchise fasttracked so fast into four different shows.

I suppose if they do it right, it should be fine. If they do enough cool crossovers, that should be great too. I love when crossovers happen between shows. But they need more of them! Right?

I hope too many Chicagos dilutes the franchise.

- - -

Tim Kring Has More HEROES In Him LOL - he said the finale of Heroes Reborn shows that he's leaving the door open for more story to tell and he says, “I want to offer my heartfelt gratitude to the many fans of ‘Heroes’ and ‘Heroes Reborn’ for your loyal and unwavering support.  Stay tuned.  There is more to come.”

I don't know, either he and the NBC pres are not on the same page, where the pres said there are no more Heroes stories or Kring will continue stories in a comic book form. Right?

- - -

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