10 CLOVERFIELD LANE marketing is (back) in full swing!

With the announcement of 10 Cloverfield Lane, a movie taking place in the world of the Cloverfield movie, the viral marketing as relaunched!

Tagruato.jp has popped back up.

Don't forget, Slusho was a product of this "company," the very same product we tend to see in many of J.J. Abrams' projects.

As another reminder, back in the day of Cloverfield, Tagruato was implied to be connected with the monster attack in some way.

In the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, we see the characters drinking a product called Swamp Pop. It too has an online existence now.


What is odd or interesting is that The Swamp Pop product price is the same set of numbers punched into a jukebox in the movie trailer.


Anyhoo, this is yet one more chapter in a long line of secretive appearances of the mystery product called Slusho. It's been in Alias. It's been in Fringe. It's been in Abrams' Star Trek movies and it's been in a few other J.J. Abrams projects.

It's fun to see where this drink is going or if it's just one piece that ties ALL of J.J. Abrams into an ACU or Abrams Cinematic Universe.


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