AMCs THE NIGHT MANAGER Mini-Series Rocked, As Did It's Cast

I don't know if you caught the six-episode mini-series from AMC called The Night Manager, but this show delivered on many levels and was an enjoyable TV experience. And I think Tom Hiddleston fans will LOVE this performance of his.


Tom Hiddleston rocks in The Night Manager, a TV review

The Night Manager is an AMC-BBC co-produced series based on a 1993 John Le Carre spy novel of the same name, it stars Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston and watching these two lead the cast is a mesmerizing duo that face off against each other.

They are both brilliant and fun to watch, if you don't mind the anxiety these two performances create within your brain!

The basic premise is that Laurie plays Richard Roper, a ruthless arms dealer and Hiddleston plays Jonathan Pine, an ex-soldier and now night manager of upscale hotels, who finds a passionate reason to pursue Roper and get himself  involved in a British Intelligence investigation and becomes their operative.


The story itself, once you become engaged in rooting for Pine, can elicit all kinds of emotions from you. And this is a new look for Hiddleston. At least for this Marvel movie fan. It was a very refreshing look at Hiddleston in a different role, as he applies that suave, smooth exterior of his.

And yes, if the rumors about his being in negotiations to play James Bond are true or close to true, I think Hiddleston will make a brilliant Bond.

Hugh Laurie in The Night Manager, a TV review

As far as Laurie is concerned, if you watch the show on mute, you can see Dr. Gregory House reincarnated, with that stern and concentrated look of his. But if you turn the volume up, oh lord, it is NOT Dr. House. Laurie delivers one of the most insidiously intense criminals I have ever seen on the small screen.

This is a whole new Laurie for me. And if I didn't despise the character as much as I did, I would have enjoyed Laurie's role.

Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Debicki in The Night Manager, a TV review

The story starts out a touch slow but it develops all kinds of details that will pan out as the show moves forward.  So be prepared for that but it's worth the wait. It's all pretty enticing. As far as I can say, the ending to this six-part story was most satisfying too. Period.


I enjoyed this TV experience and if you look at other review sites, others did too, judging by the numbers noted below.

92%    Rotten Tomatoes
82%    Metacritic
8.4/10 IMDb


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