U.S. Theatrical Trailer For Toho's New GODZILLA film

So as it is, Toho has a new Godzilla film and it seems to be doing well enough overseas. To me, it seems that since Gareth Edwards' Godzilla did so well, they'd capitalize on the momentum of the fun. Which seems like it would dilute audiences focus from one or the other film, but they seem pretty confident in it, considering.

In their newest version, (pic above), it looks like 'Zilla is walking around with his palms up, like he's saying, WHAT? Also, they revamped and upgraded the radioactive lizard into something I'm truly not sure I like. I go into what I don't like about it over at this Godzilla Spoilers piece I put together a few weeks ago.

As it is, this film was originally called Godzilla: Resurgence, but now, they're calling it Shin Godzilla. From what I can tell, when I queried Google about what does shin mean in Japanese, I found one result that says shin means new.

Well, that makes sense.

In the trailer, I swear, they've taken a page from how Gareth Edwards treated Godzilla... considering that the lizard with the breath weapon in Gareth's film was really only on screen for somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes total. But Gareth is good at injecting the human story into the trauma of running from giant monsters. Much like he did in his first home-built movie,  the 2010 film, Monsters.

BTW, Edwards directed Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, so I'm expecting this new film to be pretty awesome.

I'm putting a can on my going on and on, and getting to the U.S. trailer for Shin Godzilla. I love the classic music in the trailer, that's for sure... and they have not changed the classic, timeless Godzilla roar.  I hope that never changes.


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