Has Your POKEMON GO App Crashed In the Background? How Sketchy Is Their Programming?

I just saw a piece on PGH (PokemonGo Hub), noting that sometimes the Pokemon GO app crashes, even if you weren't running it. As in, the "App has crashed unfortunately" message pops up out of nowhere. (BTW, the site I link to, is an excellent, well written site, versus another site that slaps out short, illiterate and near-spammy posts!)

For me, I've seen it twice since the latest updates.

PGH took note that things being observed by some users included activity going on in the background, even when you're not using the app.Some suspect it is related to the PLUS device, while others are wondering if they're not collecting information on the players.

If you think about it, both those suspicions have merit.

For myself, I've had a few questions about what seems to be shoddy programming of the Pokemon GO app.

Admittedly, they have a lot of ground to cover with so much to add and maintain, but there are some flaws in the app that many other apps cover pretty handily.

These flaws are all on a Samsung S6, and I mention that because it is more than likely a flaw between the phone and the app:

-My first observation is that the app won't keep my phone active, like Maps or my Music player and others do.  My phone will power down the screen and other functions after 10 minutes of inactivity on the PoGo app, period.

-Power saving mode does not deploy the vibration mode.

-If any other app makes a sound, PoGo quits making sound, period.

-Tracking distances seems to be a slight challenge with a delayed update on the info. Not sure how Maps and my running apps keep up with me, to the second, but PoGo sure could take a hint.

-This game HATES lunch time, or when there may be heavy usage in my area going on. It seems to have issues with radio interference, like if you're near a police station or other facilities that might have a lot of radio transmissions going on. Again, my other apps, no issues. Though at times, I know it's my phone, but when other apps are running smoothly and PoGo isn't', well...

And yes, as you can see, in case you're wondering, I can ascertain when it's actually just my phone having issues versus when it's the app.

-And there are flaws or issues with how it tracks the nearly overly aggressive speed limits they impose on players. The speed limits seem to imply they only want kids with no bikes or adults with nothing better to do with their lives. Or, maybe, they just want the kids playing because they're more free with their money as they "spend to win."


So if you have been noticing issues, you can uninstall and reinstall the app.
Or you can "force stop" the app, clear the cache, then restart it.


But it's not all doom and gloom.

We have gym battle updates coming, player trading coming and more cool things. Though they do come slowly, they are coming.

PoGo has been accredited to helping getting players in better shape, having contributed to 144 billion estimated steps in the last three months. (The going joke is that only 35 billion of those steps counted for anything!)

And if you temper your expectations of the game, (I've been having some shitty experiences with the app and the game play), it can still be fun, no matter what level you are at.

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