SURVIVOR's Adam And His Fight To Defeat Cancer (EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS)

During the Survivor season finale, we watched Adam battle throughout the season, all for his mother.

Adam's mother had stage 4 lung cancer and he was fighting for her, since he and his entire family are huge Survivor fans. Things worked out so he could come on the show, despite the circumstances with his mother.

Tonight during the season finale of Survivor, we learned that Adam's mother died one hour after he got home, but he knew that she got to watch him kick some butt.

It's a real heart-ripping scenario to hear.  But Adam is committed to bringing awareness to cancer and the fight against it.

And we know that he's aligned with SU2C to raise funds for the fight against lung cancer.

The link below is where we can go to send money,


And here's my argument for why you and I should both contribute to this, or any other cause to fight cancer:

It takes only $1.

One Dollar!

I know it doesn't sound like much, but let's do the math here. Let's pretend that everyone that watched the Survivor finale, took a minute to contribute a dollar each? Sure it does not seem like a lot. At all. But what if eight million people watched the finale and each contributed only a dollar?

Do you see where I'm going with this?

A dollar seems small, but when we all combine together, that dollar adds up, and potentially, adds up to that conjectured eight million dollars!!!


IT takes only one to make a big difference Survivor fans! Only one.

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