JUSTICE LEAGUE Opening Weekend Lower Than Expected

So it happened, the Justice League film opened last weekend, and it opened with a $94M weekend gross (domestically), which was lower than hoped or expected for by WB. Heck that number was even lower than what WB was reporting on Sunday.

Now whether WB's handling of the opening weekend had anything to do with the numbers, who knows. Could the numbers have been higher?

Well, had WB not enforced a review embargo, that could have helped. (Review embargoes or restrictions, are when a review can be made public, and are usually only used when a film is deemed really bad by it's own studio.)

WB, who is part owner of Fandango, the parent company of Rotten Tomatoes, even restricted when Rotten Tomatoes could print their Tomato score.  Which turned out to be 39%.

And just overall, WB just can't seem to trust their own products doing exceptionally.

Let's be honest, (about that Rotten Tomatoes thing), critics never have their shit together when it comes to reviewing popcorn films. I've said it a million times, they put all movies in the same realm of judgement and trash popcorn films as if they were made to contend for an Oscar.

Critics trash these kinds of films. As an example - sure, the Transformers films get horrible scores from critics, and still make their billions, which shows the exact disconnect of critics from the movie-goer out there today.

But I looked at the critics I trust, ones that see popcorn films for what they are, and they did not mind Justice League. Sure, they didn't give it flying colors, but I can at least look at them and see what's really up.

And to be honest, after having seen the film, 39% is bullshit harsh. But then again, it seems critics seem to work in a world all their own and speak to each other, not to the fans.

So JL had a $94M dollar opening, domestically. Compare that to Wonder Woman ($103M), Suicide Squad ($133M), BvS ($166M), or Man of Steel ($116M). And oddly, the more robust opening weekend films caught the most grief from fans.

BTW: JL earned $185M in the overseas market, bringing the worldwide gross to almost $280M.

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