'Star Wars The Force Awakens' Spoiler Clips and Trailers are COMING

Do you remember last week I posted what was 'the last' trailer for Star Wars, The Force Awakens?  Yea... J.J. Abrams left out the words domestic and clips.

I also warned you that if Disney does what Disney usually does, we are about to get beseiged by clips that start showing more scenes and potentially, spoilers from the plot, for those who like going into a movie with a pair of fresh, wide-open eyes.

Well, sure enough, earlier this week we got an international trailer that had a few more scenes than what we've seen previously.

And just now, a new TV spot has made its way online, with the headlines toutine 'more new, never-before-seen scenes.

So here we go.

I remember or 'Iron Man 3,' Disney spoiled the shit out that movie for me.  Not only did they double the number of trailers/clips for IM3 than the previous films, they started tossing solid spoilers into the marketing.

Apparently there's a large demographic of the movie consumer that gets more excited about seeing a movie if they know more about the details of the story.

TO me and a small minority apparently, what's the point of going to see a movie if you know about it already? I almost did not go see the film because pretty much some of the biggest 'cool, surprising' scenes were already out there.

One example or case in point, when I went and saw the first 'Hunger Games' movie, it was neat to see the book made into a movie, but because I knew most of what took place in the movie, my movie experience was almost boring because I knew what was coming. And yes, between making three books into four movies and having read a book, I'll probably never go see a book-based movie if I've read the book in recent memory. Whatever time-frame 'recent memory' might be.

But I digress.

Disney IS the king of marketing. We have been seeing Star Wars merchandise in nearly every store we go to, from pet stores to Target. And in the store, we see Star Wars content in every section.

They know how much to push the consumer because people will pay for this content. I wanted a Halloween costume for my disc dog, Vader. But instead of $6-12, the 'Star Wars' costumes were around $30.  Yea... um, never mind this year.

But this dropping spoilers thing in clips is a little frustrating so I have to be careful what I watch now. Instead of my peer sites who post like crazy anything and everything, I'm taking the high road and not posting them. It's not a smart 'internet business decision,' but I have these morals, or code of ethics about my readers.

So there you go... my civic duty and my out-dated honor.

With that said, have you seen the fan mash-up of all the trailers so far. It's impressively done and could potentially be spelling out the opening act spoilers, but it is well done.

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