AVENGERS INFINITY WAR, Dr. Strange May Have Done The Right Thing

In the first part of the two-part Marvel Avengers movie, Infinity War, Thanos was almost beat a few times here and there, but for sake of drawing out a great movie experience, he recovers nicely in time, (time), to snap his fingers and remove half of all life in the universe. This seemed to do as was expected, plus it seemed that the infinity gauntlet was wrecked in the process.

But I've been dwelling on something that Doctor Strange did in the film that went against all common sense, and that was that he gave the Time Stone to Thanos, willingly.

Willingly! After Doc Strange looked at over 14 million potential outcomes in their battle against Thanos, there was only one outcome where our heroes win the fight against the Mad Titan.  Though rather than Mad Titan, I think we should just refer to Thanos as an extremely overzealous ecologist!

Either way...

Here's the thing - My guess is that Dr. Strange's one outcome where the heroes win, must include giving the Time Stone to Thanos and let things play out as they may. Or will they play out or just be a dream sequence?

If you remember in the Doctor Strange movie, he used the Time Stone to defeat a huge demon by looping over time until the big bad guy gave up.

Another thing to remember is that unlike the other stones, when Strange gives Thanos the Time Stone, Thanos can't actually touch the stone itself because it's lit up, and thus, possibly powered up, and the only thing that Thanos can touch is the power aura around the stone.

For a moment, Thanos gives Strange a sidelong look but his need for the power overwhelms his common sense and he applies the stone to the gauntlet. And everything from that point forward happened as expected.

Or has it?

Strange tells Stark after giving Thanos the stone that there was no other way, so he must know what he's doing. But what did he do?

Did Strange let this happen because he knew that events down the road in time will correct the tragic (not) ending of so many characters?  (Come on Marvel, killing off characters whose actors just signed up for multi-year deals is kind of a spoiler!)

Plus, when Thanos finally used the gauntlet, the gauntlet became wrecked and useless.

SO IF, that stone that Strange gave Thanos was from a future where Thanos was possibly already beaten, then that deed may have been possible of a potential paradox of a stone from a mutually exclusive time or reality breaks the glove. So if it came from a time when Thanos was beaten, using it destroys the glove, thus, making the ecological Titan an easier target for future attacks from the Avengers.

So when Strange pulled the stone out of the air to give to Thanos, was he pulling the stone out of another time and place? Or are we just seeing everything Strange wants us all to see after giving the stone to Thanos. Or did Thanos' glove become destroyed because the Time Stone came back from a reality/time where Thanos was already beaten and his using it kicked that reality into motion?

Obviously there are a million things that could be the answer and only the guys who came up with the script know what happens to the characters. For all we know, the only way for them to win, was for Strange to give Thanos the stone and then let the dominoes fall where they may, as Fury ends up calling Captain Marvel and it's her actions that are totally independent of anything I've just surmised, that fixes time and all the dead people (whose contracts go on for years with Disney/Marvel).

We'll be enlightened after the last few hours of this two-part movie sequence.  But at least, despite my freaking out about him giving the stone to Thanos, I think I feel better about his choice. But I do know one thing...  a few actors are not coming back because their contracts are up so I'm waiting for things to happen that could be the result of those legally binding deeds!
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