ARROW Season Four Premiere, A Great Start For The New Season

ARROW Season Four Premiere

The fourth season premiere of The CW's Arrow came off with a great and subtle form of energy. It ended with an enticing bit of a tease about who Oliver will be facing off with in this new season.


Below are light to mild ARROW spoilers.

Arrow opens to what appears to be an idyllic setting where Oliver and Felicity are living the perfect life in the suburbs. Yikes, it was almost too perfect. Of course.

But Oliver's old team Laurel (Black Canary), Diggle (Diggle Man), & Thea (Speedy) have been facing off with a new nemesis being called the Ghosts. They strike, stealing hi-tech gear.

Later, their boss, Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) makes a brazen appearance with the acting city council of a sort telling them they will all be dead, like most citizens of the city, so they can rebuild the city from scratch.


Our city heroes are besieged and they turn to the suburbs, to ask for Oliver's help. It turns out that Felicity has been going stir-crazy playing suburban neighbor and has been helping the team behind the scenes.

All while Oliver is struggling to lay super low and get away from that life.

They convince Oliver to come back and he meets Damian face-to-face... and almost lost.


I enjoyed the tone of the season premiere and appreciated the effort the production put into this episode. There were a lot of explosive and action scenes, and at times it felt like they did not quite have the budget to make the scene 100% complete. It was more like 80 to 90% complete. But that is just an observation, not a complaint.

The production was ambitious and I hope they can keep some of this momentum up throughout the season. There's enough coming up this season to warrant that momentum.

It's obvious Damien means serious business and wants to wipe out everyone in the city. It's up to the now Green Arrow and team to face off against Damien.

Did you catch Diggle's new suit, he looks like Magneto, without the mag part. And no cape.

But the other magical part about this character, Damien, is that he uses magic or has some kind of power. He can point and stop Oliver's arrows in mid-air. He has powers.

And it is these powers, this new realm of magic, that will have Oliver scratching his head and finding himself turning to outside parties to deal with this new threat.

That help, if you've been following along, will be what leads to the appearance of Constantine, played by Matt Ryan.  Sadly, it seems he will only be in one episode, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.

Hawkman on ARROW

Don't forget, Hawkman will be showing up.

Ryan Robbins fans need to keep an eye out for him in the flashback scenes.

As we can see from this episode, Thea has donned the hood and has finally become "Speedy," of Green Arrow lore.

This season looks pretty promising... at least I think so.

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