DANCE MOMS, Season Eight Status, Abby Lee Miller Update

Will there be an eighth season of Dance Moms?

With the seventh season of Dance Moms having ended back in late October, no one has heard if Lifetime is going to renew the show. And to be honest, considering when they've announced renewals, historically, with previous renewals sometimes announced in September & October time frames, with production usually starting in April, well, who knows.

Then there's something producer Bryan Stinson said on Twitter:

“That’s a wrap on season 7. 208 hours of Dance Moms programming. Season 7 was heaven. Season 8 will be [great].”


But staff are always supposed to sound positive and supportive. And we haven't heard much since.


Last season Abby Lee Miller exited the series and Cheryl Burke stepped in to help finish off the season. And Miller's exit was nothing, if not dull. (choreographer Gianna Martello, Brynn Rumfallo, Maesi Caes and dancers Elliana Walmsley and Lilliana Ketchman seemed to have all left the show too.)

Miller just up and bailed in mid-season last year, blaming producers

As you may or may not know, Miller has had an embattled presence on the show in the latter seasons. There have been a few lawsuits against the show and Miller claiming staged or encouraged combative situations to help pump up the reality series, causing undue stress. (But that is nothing new, as far as staging a "reality TV series" goes, from any network.)

Then Miller got into hot water when she was indicted for bankruptcy fraud when she started hiding her income... and other nuances that come with effing with income, taxes and filing false bankruptcy claims.

Right now Miller is serving a one-year, one-day sentence for her misguided life choices, due to get out May 10th, 2018. Then she'll be under two years of supervised release.

Normally, folks get out in nine months with sentences like this, but one rag-sheet says that she won't be getting out early and that she was crying uncontrollably and threatening that her lawyer will get her out. She's serving her sentence in Victorville Federal Correctional Institution, in Victorville, CA.

Her timing, with getting out of jail, would allow her to continue with the show, if Lifetime wishes to keep ties with the "criminal." But then there have been other issues in the background of the show.

The past lead dancer, Maddie Ziegler, back in June, had nothing good to say about the show...

When asked about the show, she replied, "The worse." Included below are a few YouTube videos looking at the new, young star and the show.

Any way you look at it, I would be surprised if it comes back, and double surprised if it comes back with Miller.

But all this drama could generate ratings.

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I've always hated the Abby method of teaching, as if she were an old-school gym teacher, hoping that belittling everyone would make them fight harder to do better. I thought it was an ugly method.

Then there's what Cheryl Burke said, after picking up the second half of season seven:

CB I couldn’t believe these beautiful girls that have zero confidence. That’s not the way to live life.

Us: Do you think that’s because of Abby?

CB They said they’d been traumatized by Abby and her teaching methods. That’s a shame because with teenagers it’s so important to mentor them.

Us: So you’re the good cop?

CB I’m not a yeller. But I am strict.


Yea, if the show comes back, hopefully it won't be with Miller.

Take it for what you will, but The Inquisitr has reported that the show will be coming back but with a mostly new squad. It's already late for a renewal announcement that we usually see, but hey, right?

Check this link out for some of the cast members latest whereabouts...

So, what are your Thoughts on if Dance Moms is coming back or not?

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