Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Curb Your Enthusiasm returns to HBO on Sunday, October 1st.

Dear White People was renewed for a second season on Netflix.

Live PD got an additional 100 episode order from A&E.

Outlander's third season will be hitting Starz on September 10th.

QVC is buying their competition out, the Home Shopping Network, for $2.1 Billion!

Six, A History Channel action drama, has Olivia Munn joining the cast. Yes, that Olivia Munn.

The Exorcist is getting a new cast member for its second season in the form of John Cho (Star Trek).

The Carmichael Show on NBC is not coming back for a fourth season.

The Little Couple's newest season will be premiering on TLC on September 19th.


So by now, I'm sure you noticed the new logo from SYfY.  It's part of a thing NBC is call ing the Syfy Reboot, as they look to get back to the core of their foundation, sci-fi.

Now to be honest, a little less than 10 years or so ago, when they started airing wrestling and reality TV, we lost a lot of sci-fi programming. But THEY SAID, that for them to survive, they needed to make money any way they can. And they also said that as they get back on their monetary feet, they'll be reintroducing new and good sci-fi programming back into the lineup.

And sure enough, a few years ago, they have upped the count of sci-fi shows so that the channel is no longer generally referred to as the Star Wars, or Star Trek channel.

But now they're spinning it up a bit because most people have forgotten the promise they made way back then. And recently at a press conference, they said they're aiming to get back to "space and sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal and supernatural, and superheroes and comics." They're also looking to expand their coverage beyond San Diego Comic-Con and hitting up other cons throughout the year. Which, as far as I can tell, would be great for the entire comic con-based community, because folks, there are many more comic cons out there.

A few years back, Syfy had a hit on their hands with Battlestar Galactica, until Moore fucked it up with that stupid-ass ending. But ever since then, Syfy has been trying to replicate that dark, depressed and entertaining feeling, even to the extent of screwing over the last Stargate series with a similar, dark and depressing feel, which failed them miserably, considering how much they changed up the franchise's fun feel. Dumb ass and seemingly desperate move? Or a way to move a property off the schedule because it was fading anyway?

They're getting back on track with things and they keep trying new things, some which fail horribly despite it's source material being incredibly successful, others, treading water in the ratings world. For them.

I for one am glad they're taking another swing at things... or to be exact, continue to take a swing at things. Sci-fi is a tough medium to sell in the world of mindless reality TV where 30% of an episode is just people repeating something already said earlier in that segment or episode.  OMG, seriously, Big Brother, they recap last weeks' ep, then someone in the diary room recaps what happened, then they move forward with a contest, force the rules on us, then we watch multiple people recap the rules in the diary room and so forth and so on. Give me a fucking break!

Any way.... I digress.

Go Syfy and your new logo and concerted effort to keep it fresh and competitive.


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Monday, July 24, 2017

SHAZAM, CASTELVANIA, CLAWS And A Ciname Static Thought Bit

Beat Shazam got a renewal nod from Fox for a 2nd season.

Castlevania was renewed by Netflix for a second season.

Claws gets a 2nd season order from TNT.


I just caught a headline from a site trying to delve into why summer television has dismal ratings. To be honest, if you do the math, and past Nielsen ratings reviews, summer has ALWAYS been the traditional ratings slump session of the year. Everyone is out playing, going on vacations, and what not. So they have less free time to sit in front a TV and suck in the mind-sink entertainment. This is why the fodder of drama tends to come out during the summer. They're shows that don't need a huge ratings edge, don't compete against other heavy-hitters in the ratings world, and is just all around, a bit cheaper to produce.

'Nuff said.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

JUSTICE LEAGUE Latest 4-Minute Trailer fr Comic-Con

WB released their newest trailer or teaser for the upcoming Justice League movie...  and they've got some great marketing folks, because the trailer looks pretty epic.

Here is the Comic-Con trailer released to Hall H in San Diego...

Epic?  Well, Joss Whedon took over for Zak Snyder, so possibly.

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THOR RAGNAROK Official Trailer Came Out At Comic-Con

The next trailer for Thor Ragnarok was released by Marvel at San Diego Comic-Con, and to be honest, it does continue the preview of the first one with more info or teaser-like content.

Let's be honest though...  is Thor Ragnarok a lazy sequel? Marvel made a third Thor film with one of the more desired story-lines from the Marvel universe, Planet Hulk.

Meh, who cares, right? At least I put it out there.

Of course, Disney is doing what it usually does with trailers, and it's pouring out a few of what seems like story spoilers from the film... what's new.

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The latest trailer for CBS's Star Trek Discovery came out at San Diego Comic-Con and is now online.

The show is due to premiere on CBS on September 24th, BUT...

Only the first episode will be premiering on CBS and CBS All Access, then it will continue to air on All Access. They're just tempting everyone with the show when they premiere it on the network, hoping you'll jump on board paying for yet one more streaming service in your life.


Nah, I'll treat the network premiere as a stand-alone movie event and accept it for what it is. I don't need to be dropping more money on yet another streaming service.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

DOCTOR WHO Changes Gender

It's been announced that the upcoming season of Doctor Who, the good Doctor will be portrayed by actress Jodie Whittaker. And in case you missed the obvious, yes, Dr. Who will be a woman, for the first time, in the longest running sci-fi series on TV.

Now that's one hell of a daring, brave change up and it's about time too.

In caes you didn't know, the Doctor Who franchise is historically the longest running sci-fi show on television. It's been on the air since 1963, albeit, with a few big breaks, but technically, it's still on, and it keeps going these days.

The big TV season break took place between 1989 and 2005, but it's going strong today.

For me, this show is the weirdest show. I really don't like it because the beginning of most episodes feel ecclectic to me, but the events in the opening always end up drawing me in, then I have to see how it unfolds! LOL.

But this was also under the eye of Steven Moffat, but he's stepped back and now there's a new showrunner in Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch). So the feel of the show may change. As it is, the new star, Whittaker, is rejoining working with Chibnall, since she was also in Broadchurch. (I gotta check out Broadchurch, don't I?)


Better Call Saul has been renewed for a fourth season by AMC and for me, that's great news.  It's a great show with absolutely wonderful cinematography. I didn't realize how much I missed their wonderful camera angles and scenes since the days of Breaking Bad.

The renewal will have the show returning in 2018 with a ten-episode season. I know that sounds like a short season, but if you think about it, when shows have fewer episodes and they have a good creative team behind it, there's less BS filler and more actual content that furthers the story long. It is truly a win-win for everyone.

AT least this last season, we learned how the name Saul came about, and what it meant. (It'Sall good!) And boy, was that one heck of a development


Chesapeake Shores will open season two on Sunday, August 6, on the Hallmark Channel.


Halt and Catch Fire's fourth and final season will be premiering on Saturday, Aug 9th on AMC. Sooo, no use getting hooked on the show now!!!


Say it ain't so! Disney XD is tinkering with the idea of a Herbie reboot! I wonder if they're darken or modernize it... or just stick to the goober, happy version the franchise became popular with so many years ago?


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Friday, July 7, 2017

SUPERNATURAL Spinoff & FARGO - Returning Or Not?

Supernatural is headed into its 12th season next season one of the episodes next season will be a "backdoor" pilot for a spinoff series, potentially called The Wayward Sisters.

The backdoor episode will focus on actress Kim Rhodes character, Sheriff Jody Mills and a group of, well, yes, troubled women, who have all been orphaned by some kind of supernatural tragedy.

Mills will herald the women together into a team of monster fighting women!

Of course, we'll be granted appearances by other Supernatural characters. Who, we don't know yet, but this could be a promising series. At least more promising than that last attempt at a spinoff. The difference here feels like they've committed more time and energy into telling us more about her over the last few seasons, so she has some traction in our minds.

It does not hail from Eric Kripke or Sera Gamble, but rather, Supernatural writers and producers, Andrew Dabb and Robert Singer. I hope they bring that special sort of subliminal fun to the new show.


Fargo has come and HAPPILY, gone.

The third season of Fargo has come and gone, and to be honest, it had me saying W.T.F? And not the good kind of WTF, that kept me watching, but the other kind, where I let it accumulate in my DVR but I have yet to watch any of it.

The first two seasons of Fargo were clever, witty, quirky and odd, but in the best kind of light. But this third season, despite the allure of the cast, just made so little sense that I swear, we were watching an extension of Sense8... except, at least that did make sense in the story it was trying to send out.

The ratings this season were down eight percent, because they basically alienated viewers, to the point that they were only averaging 1.2M folks in the live plus seven day numbers.

So good riddance to this piece of WTF drama.

If this show returns, I hope they get their shit together and get the quirk and fun back in the bones of the show. I mean seriously, when the highlight of the season was when a man gets murdered by a falling window air-conditioner unit, you know something is wrong.  (But that was a worthy moment, that's for sure!)


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Thursday, July 6, 2017

TV News, Cast Changes and More - 070617

American Ripper, will will be premiering on The History Channel on July 11th, sounds like an amazing concept series. They're going to be looking at America's first serial killer, Herman Mudgett, alias H.H. Holmes, whose rumored kill count could be as high as 200 victims. The show will be examining the premise that H.H. Holmes is also the infamous Jack the Ripper.

For those interested in things like this, it could be a fascinating show. The only thing that has me being suspicious is that they're going to take eight episodes to do this.  Hmm.


CBS renewed their entire day-time TV line-up for the 2017-18 season.

This includes a three-year deal for “The Young and the Restless,
Two years for “The Price is Right.”
New seasons for “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “Let’s Make a Deal” and “The Talk.”


Criminal Minds is losing cast member Damon Guptom, due to creative differences in the series. Whatever that means!  I guess this could be a spoiler of a sort, considering the season finale auto wreck. Who knows. We'll see.


Dracula movies could be a potential for BBC.  BBC America is in talke with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss for a series of 90-minute movies based around Bram Stoker's Dracula. No scripts or cast have been announced yet, but this creative team brings an interesting promise to the idea!

After Universal's Dracula Untold movie, which was a surprisingly entertaining and refreshing new story on the legendary vampire, I hope they can keep this new premise as refreshing!


Halt and Catch Fire: Are you aware that its fourth season, will be its last on AMC?


Heroes and Heroes Reborn both get a second life, as they will now be streaming on Crackle.


If you heard that Last Man Standing might get picked up by CMT, the conversations to pick it up fell through. Sorry fans.


Luther got a season five nod from BBC America. Idris Elba will appear in the four-episode season.  (Actually, when their shows only have a few episodes, THEY MAKE IT COUNT and they're good. They cut to the chase, skip the filler bullshit and just give you good stories.)

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