Tuesday, August 15, 2017


So I already chatted about MGM, CBS and Disney trying to get you to pay more bucks out of your pocket for more pay channels. Because, you know, you just don't have enough of nothing unless you're dropping more bucks on more networks. (See my previous few articles.)


Remember, American Horror Story returns for its seventh season on FX, on September 5th!

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With American Idol coming back (TO ABC), you would think they would revamp it up a bit, but guess what? ABC is playing it safe and adding to Ryan Seacrest's bank account by having him host the return series. Then again, it's a bit hard to imagine someone else helming the show from the stage.

As expected, he's all glowing about the premise, saying, "It's genuinely hard to put into words what 'American Idol' means to me..."

It's probably safer that you don't since it concerns a paycheck from his bosses!  Right?

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A Dance Moms survivor, I mean alumni, is being pandered out to another show on A+E called Chloe Does It.

It will star Chloe Lukasiak and air on...  YouTube. It will be an 8-episode run and it premiered on Lifetime's YouTube network back on July 24th.

Chloe was taking fan suggestions and doing them. Whatever that might be.Check it out if you're interested:


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Speaking of Dance Moms, check out Maddie's take on the show, after the fact...  it's abrupt, maybe harsh, but telling.


Monday, August 14, 2017

STARGATE Revival, With STARGATE ORIGINS, But There's A Catch

IT looks like MGM is taking the CBS road to pushing their own digital streaming network content.

MGM has ordered a new Stargate series called Stargate Origins. Yes, it's a prequel, in case you could not tell from the title.

The series, a 10-episode season, will follow the character of Chatherine Langford, who was the scientist whose focus led to events that took place in the 1994 film. The character later showed up in the SG-1 TV series.

The catch is that the series will show up on a subscription-based channel called Stargate Command.

The other catch is that, yes, they've ordered 10 "episodes," but those episodes will only be 10-minute long bits. Wow, let's not commit too heavily here now!

Not to be grumpy, but MGM says they've been eager to revisit this franchise. Which I guess would explain why fans have been left in the dark since the cancellation of Stargate Universe, six years ago, in 2011? Not.

Just saying.

So MGM is aware there's a bulk of fans out there, but this new website, besides the new "series," will have other content fans can buy. I'm not sure it's so much an acknowledgement of the fans or just a portal to get people spending more of their money.

I've already said I won't be dropping extra bucks on CBS's streaming service to see the new Star Trek. Nor will I be chasing down Disney's services to keep up with whatever Marvel or Star Wars content they might be pulling from Netflix.

DISNEY Leaving NETFLIX For Their Own Streaming Service

Not sure you have seen or heard the news yet, but Disney is looking to remove their content from Netflix so they can include these products into their own streaming service. This is not the first time they've done this, if everyone remembers what happened to Star War Clone Wars animated series on Cartoon Network... they cancelled the show there and slapped into their own cable network and called it Star Wars Rebels, right smack in the dab of a season-ending story line!

But as far as Disney is concerned, they also indicated that they have not decided on what they'll do with the Marvel and Lucasfilm branded content after 2019. You know, all the money-making products they've been making of late!

So let me get this right... Consumers are already paying fees to cable and streaming services that give up a piece of that pie to places like the networks and Disney and the like.

And now Disney is thinking that some of us will pay for an extra online streaming service to chase their movies down? And what about the Netflix Marvel TV series? Do Netflix subscribers lose access to that content too?

Right now The current agreement Netflix has with Disney is that they have exclusive pay-TV rights to all Disney films released after Jan. 1, 2016. But this agreement comes to a close at the end of 2018.

Will you be chasing Disney and buying their service if they take all their content away from Netflix?

ME:  Nope, not gonna do it.

To be honest, there may be enough folks out there that can afford the extra streaming service while the regular folks get a bit hosed.  I like my money and I try not to throw it around too much. I will not be springing for additional services if Disney moves its content to its own streaming service, much like how I will not be springing for any content CBS tries to hold over my head to get me to come rent their own streaming services. (AKA, Star Trek Discovery) No matter what the franchise.

So time will tell, right?


source: cbr.com

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

AHS, H50, X-FILES Casting Bits

Rumors have it that Lena Dunham will be appearing in the next season of American Horror Story. (Well, the show creator tweeted it, but I like to see more concrete press than that to make it a firm bit!  Call me paranoid.)

American Horror Story on Amazon.


Comedy Central is finishing off @Midnight, with the last episode that aired on August 4th, being their last. Both the network and host Chris Hardwick mutually concurred this last episode was to be the series finale.


Meaghan Rath and Beulah Koale will be replacing Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park in Hawaii Five-0. Not literally, perse, but with two characters exiting the series, two new characters will show up.  Kim and Park exited the show after not finding the best deal during contract disputes.


FYI: The Hunt with John Walsh moved from CNN to HLN, effective July 30th. So if you lost track of the show or thinking you're losing it, you're not.


Did you know that Trading Spaces is returning? And that Paige Davis will be returning to host!


Mitch Pileggi must not have much work coming his way. He's signed a deal to return to the upcoming 10-episode revival of X-Files.

To be honest, I was totally looking forward to last season's revival, especially when Chris Carter promised/hinted/suggested in some of his press that the Peacocks were going to come back. But they did not. Plus, they had an awesome opportunity to take this franchise in a totally new and fresh direction, but instead, they went straight back to the conspiracy themes that killed the show when it got dumped many years ago. I mean, seriously, Scully, getting illuminated by a light from the sky to end the short season of the revival last year?

Gimme a break. It kind of killed my enthusiasm for the revival.

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Saturday, August 5, 2017


Bachelor in Paradise will have it's two-night premiere on Monday, Aug. 14 and Tuesday, Aug. 15 at 8 p.m. ET. The show was originally slated to air on August 8th, but they had some potential legal issues and postponed the premiere until they figured out that someone was potentially crying wolf. But now that it all seemed to clear the air, ABC can go back to its whoring ways television programming.

- - -

Bridezillas has been revived by WE TV, after the series had come to a close in 2013.

The series famously spotlights so-called ‘normal’ women who have turned into “Bridezillas” by their upcoming nuptials. Each episode will follow two hilariously unhinged brides as they hurtle toward the altar.

- - -

There's a potential Jersey Shore reunion coming up, with the series called Reunion Road Trip, which will be a kind of reunion/pilot series and MTV is hoping to get as many folks from Jersey Shore on the show as they can.

I can't see them having too much of a problem getting people back into the limelight and getting paid to pump their ego up in front of cameras. Do you?

- - -

A new animated series called Marvel's Spider-Man will be debuting with a one-hour episode on Saturday, Aug. 19 at 7 p.m. on Disney XD, the Disney XD App and VOD. Because, we apparently just can't get enough of Spider-Man or Marvel products.

- - -

Narcos will become available for your viewing pleasures on Netflix, starting on Friday, September one. Mark those calendars.

- - -

Netflix is producing a new Spanish language drama series called “√Člite” that will be released globally in 2019.

- - -

It's not my cup of tea, but Viacom has entered into a multi-year deal with Tyler Perry. But for the Tyler Perry fan, it seems to be good news, becuase this deal will have Perry producing around 90 episodes annually of original content for BET and other Viacom networks.

Viacom will also have exclusive distribution rights to Perry's short-form video content, and Paramount Pictures will have first rights on any new movie ideas that Perry comes up with.

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Friday, August 4, 2017

THE DARK TOWER Reviews Look Disappointing

So it seems that The Dark Tower is getting  mixed review numbers, depending on who you look at. For me, I've been anticipating this film for quite a while because I'm a big Idris Elba fan. But then when I heard it had a 90-minute run time, I started questioning if I wanted to go.

When I drop money on a movie, it always feels like a waste of my money if a film is 90 minutes long. I want a movie to be almost or more than two hours long to feel like I got my money's worth.

But then I started hearing the mixed reviews - 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, 5/10 on IGN... 7/10 on IMDb.

Those initial numbers on IMDb, being around or under 1,500 votes, I usually discount as studio employees. The shills, if you will. It's not their fault, they're doing what good employees do. But now, over the last few hours, as more people chime in, the score on IMDb is at 6/10 and dropping.

Hell, even critics I trust are deadpanning the movie.

What a shame. The book franchise from Stephen King is a popular series, but it took four prople to write this script that was envisioned to screen by director Nikolaj Arcel. Hell, even Arcel said the books are unadaptable.

So there you have it. I was going to go see the film, but as the news adds up, I guess I'll skip this one until it hits our TV screens in one form or another.

You know... some people say that review number systems are ruining the movie industry... folks, movies are ruining the movie industry.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

New on NETFLIX in August

New Shows and Movies on NETFLIX in August

So what's coming to Netflix now that we're in August? Good question. If you haven't seen it, Voltron is an all new kind of animated version that explores the background of the pilots and the robots.  Marvel's The Defenders comes out on the 18th!  I've seen mixed reviews, so we'll see how that pans out. And all The Matrix movies are on the streaming service.

So, first TV shows are listed, then movies will be listed. Sound good?  Good... here goes...

TV Shows

Premiering August 1
Crematorium: Season 1
The Hollywood Masters: Season 1
The Royal House of Windsor: Season 1
Surviving Escobar - Alias JJ: Season 1

Premiering August 4
Voltron: Legendary Defender: Season 3
Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later: Season 1

Premiering August 8
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Season 7, Episodes 1-13

Premiering August 11
Atypical: Season 1
Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh: Season 3
True and The Rainbow Kingdom: Season 1

Premiering August 15
Murderous Affair: Season 1

Premiering August 18
Dinotrux: Season 5
Glitter Force Doki Doki: Season 1
Marvel’s The Defenders: Season 1

Premiering August 21
Gomorrah: Season 2

Premiering August 25
Disjointed: Part 1
DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 5
Once Upon a Time: Season 6

Premiering August 29
The Good Place: Season 1


Premiering August 1
The Addams Family
The Astronaut’s Wife
Bad Santa
The Bomb
A Cinderella Story
Cloud Atlas
Everyone’s Hero
Funny Games (U.S.)
Jackie Brown
The Last Mimzy
Lord of War
The Matrix
The Matrix Reloaded
The Matrix Revolutions
Maz Jobrani: Immigrant
Nola Circus
The Number 23
Opening Night
Practical Magic
Sleepy Hollow
Small Soldiers
Tie The Knot
The Truth About Alcohol
The Wedding Party
Who Gets the Dog?
Wild Wild West

Premiering August 2
The Founder
Jab We Met

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