Friday, January 30, 2009

J. Michael Straczynski Pilot Script News

J. Michael Straczynski is busy these days.

He'll be making appearances at the New York Comic-Con in February & MIT on May 22nd.

He's also working on a new
script for a TNT / Dreamworks show called LAST WORDS. Last Words is an hour drama series with a paranormal thrust.

In the meantime, check out my article over on ScreenRant about a possible BABYLON 5 movie. The chances, or lack there of, depending on how that works out!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Visit to the Battlestar Galactica Prop and Costume Auction

A VISIT TO THE "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA" PROP AND COSTUME AUCTION. BY Guest Cinema Static writer & photographer, 790.

Cinema Static had their very own insider at last weekends spectacular prop auction from Battlestar Galactica. But instead of me ranting on and on about it, I'll let the reporter, 790, tell you all about it.

This last weekend I had a chance to visit the Battlestar Galactica auction held at the Pasadena Conference Center in Southern California.

Sadly, the show has wrapped, filming has ended and the sets torn down. The good news is that they decided to put the huge success of the show itself and the recent Star Trek auction success to good use. Yep, everything was up for bid from the show.

Are you looking to purchase an authentic piece of the show? Well here's your chance. Everything from Caprica Six's red dress to a full size Raptor are up for bid. The event was also a full online auction, as fans from all over the world were able to place their bids with only a 3 second delay in real-time. I heard that a lot of fans from England were actively bidding, as the show is very popular in the UK.

Even if one wasn't planning to bid on any items, the event was very cool to attend as cast members would occasionally show up and talk to the fans. Richard Hatch, who plays Tom Zarek (ALso the original "Apollo" from the old series) was on hand and took pictures with fans. Michael Hogan (Col Saul Tigh) was spotted. I got a chance to meet him and ask him about the series finale, surprisingly he didn't want to reveal how the show ended. Go figure. He was a very cool guy however it was strange to see him without the eye patch. Tricia Helfer, (Caprica Six) was also spotted looking hot as usual, as Michael Trucco (Sam Anders).

Members of Vancouvers 13th Colony were all dressed in various BSG flight suits as they worked security at the event. They were all very cool and provided a great fan atmosphere.

The props and costumes looked great up close, and I was surprised how low some of them were selling for. President Baltars suit only sold for $600. Next you would see Baltars courtroom suit go for $6000. Some people definitely had their eye on possible investments. And woah, a full size a Viper and Raptor up for auction. Starting bid was $75,000, shipping and handling not included. I heard that a few wealthy investors from England were measuring them for possible shipping containers. They apparently breakdown and need to be rebuilt after shipping. The ships have fully functional control panels and displays. The Viper and Raptor were slightly out of my price range but wow they looked great!

The auction was available to anyone and it was covered online at ( There was also a well produced auction catalog displaying all the items available at the site. Don't fret if you feel like you missed it. The good news is that there will be a second "Battlestar Galactica" auction taking place in April. That would be right around the time of the shows last episode.

I must say that I have a feeling these type of events will eventually replace the standard conventions or at least become a big part of them. The auction staff put on a professional & friendly event and I was really impressed. Cinema Static will keep you posted on the next Battlestar Galactica auction. Stay tuned and enjoy the photos.

by 790.

Footnote: A little later on Cinema Static will be putting together a location to host all of 790's pictures because 790 took quite a few while our intrepid reporter was out and about on location!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nikki Cox Ruined Her Lips and Jay Mohr Changes His Name

Jay Mohr. He's hosted NASCAR banquest, formerly of Ghost Whisperer until CBS optioned him for Gary Unmarried, has done something rather interesting.

Back on December 19th, Jay filed a petition to change HIS last name to his wife's surname, Nikki Cox. This in turn would make Jay: Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr.

That's either touching love, or she does wear the pants in the family!


Which reminds me. When was the last time you saw Nikki Cox on TV? Did you see whatever the h*** she did to her lips?

She was on Ghost Whisperer back in May of '08 and she got a lip job and it was so bad that I DID NOT RECOGNIZE her.

Historically, she's been a beautiful young lady, but back then, she got her lips injected and it looked rather frightening. Now I stare because it was a train wreck.

I don't get why perfectly beautiful women feel compelled to try and fit into commercial cliques with physical changes like this.

The above image comes from the site: Awful Plastic and is a screen shot from their comparison photos. The screen shot is a good pic!

And I believe I have found the emotional proof of the pudding. Over on her MySpace page, she's got image pages. She's gone to the point of posting images of herself at the People's Choice Awards in Nov of 08 where she's wearing a blouse she never bothered to button up and we dang near have narpage slip. WTH Nikki? Are times that desperate?

Wow. The rest of her portfolio is no different than any of the no-name girls that slap themselves out on MySpace in hopes of being seen. Girlfriend, I am done wid you! Oh, and get a real webpage for crying out loud. (Does she even have one... I better go look before I hit publish... nope... just fan sites and reference sites)

[ images from nikki cox online, via MySpace ]

A more recent image comes from There's more at the link. Eesh.

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