Friday, September 29, 2017

STAR TREK DISCOVERY, Spike TV, Ramsay Gordon and More...

Star Trek Discovery pulled in almost 10 million viewers on CBS for its premiere. Of course CBS plan to get people to pay for their streaming service that no one else wanted, worked, where a bunch of Trek fans ponied up for the streaming service setting records to the number of sign ups for a day and month.

With me, as much as I wanted to watch the show, I steered clear of it. There was no reason to watch that first episode if I could not catch the rest of the series without paying for it. I do not need an extra monthly fee to watch TV. I pay enough as it is.

But that's just me.

Any way, good plan CBS. It worked.


Remember, Spike TV is rebranding itself to The Paramount Network starting on January 18th, and to celebrate that change, their first show they will broadcast will be Lip Sync Battle, then a six-part series called Waco.

Huh, Lip Sync Battle? That's their lead-in to their new personality? Huh.

- - -

Netflix renewed BoJack Horseman for a fifth season.

Chicago PD had it's off-network rights acquired by USA and Oxygen networks.

Fast N’ Loud will return to Discovery on Monday, Oct. 16.

Fox ordered a new Gordon Ramsay show, Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell & Back. It will be an eight-episode series where Ramsay will try and save a failing restaurant, within 24 hours.

The Daily Show on Comedy Central got a five year extension, letting the show run on off into the 2022 season.

The Great American Baking Show will return to ABC for a third season.

Freeform ordered a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars, called Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, which will star Sasha Pietese and Janel Parrish.

Mark Hamill, Lena Headey and David Bradley have joined the voice cast for the  second season of Netflix's animated series, Trollhunters, a story from Guillermo del Toro.

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NBCUniversal Sends 30 ROCK and PARENTHOOD to Hulu

NBCUniversal inked a deal with Hulu to send a bunch of their products to Hulu...  among those are 30 Rock, Parenthood, There's Johnny, Syfy's Face Off and the U.K. series Made in Chelsea.

30 Rock leaves Netflix this month and premieres on Hulu on October 1st.

Parenthood will premiere on Hulu in early 2018. Right now this show is also on Netflix.

Parenthood, the complete series.

Why would NBCU move content to Hulu? Well, since they are one of the owners of Hulu, they're keeping the profits more in-house.  NBCU is a 30% stakeholder of Hulu,

Hulu is owned by Disney via their ABC Television Group (30%), 21st Century Fox via their Fox Entertainment Group, (30%), Comcast via their NBCUniversal company (30%), and Time Warner via their Turner Broadcasting System company. (10%).

Hulu is focused on streaming current and past TV episodes from its owning entities.


Back in the day Hulu was a free service that I used a lot, but when it converted to a pay service, I bowed out of using the streaming service. I didn't need yet one more bill to watch the TV I didn't watch when it was already on the air.

And as Hulu as recently acquired 7,500 TV episodes, Hulu has seen a 98 percent spike in subscribers over the last few months.

Speaking of NBC, just in case you had not heard, they had taken a swing at their own streaming network, called Seeso. Not a catchy name really, and of course, it didn't catch on. The service will be shutting down by the close of 2017.

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FLATLINERS Remake Opened To Dreadful Reviews

So the remake of Flatliners is getting trashed hard by critics, where Ellen Page, Nina Dobrev, and Diego Luna take the place of Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, and Kevin Bacon. But at least back in 1990, that film sparked the imagination, but this film, well...

When I saw the trailers for this remake, it did nothing for me. Nothing. And each successive trailer did not make it any more appealing.

On IMDb the original Flatliners got a 6.6/10, after 66k+ votes over the years.

Right now, there are too few votes to make any rating count for the 2017 remake, but after 300 votes, Flatliners 2017 sits at 5.6/10. Which to me is shocking because I have always presumed that the first 500-1,000 votes are usually the studio staff, studio shills asked to support their product and whoever. So, um, I'm guessing even their own people are chiming in when it counts.

And after 29 reviews having chimed in at Rotten Tomatoes, it sits at 0%, or an average rating of 3.5/10.

Some of the reiews say

"... the low-aiming remake feels like just another generic horror flick."


"Not every remake is unnecessary, but the idea only works when the new movie takes the basic premise and takes it in new directions."


"To their credit, the cast tries to bring some life ...but a script with all the depth of a baby pool cannot be saved."


"The message of this remake of the 1990 thriller is that one must own up to his mistakes. If so, the makers and cast of the new 'Flatliners' need to apologize immediately."


"The reboot no one asked for of a movie no one much remembers has landed... and it's dead on arrival, with nothing new to say and no new way to say it."


Yea, they say that RT is ruining the box office performance, but to be honest, if they actually don't put out crap, their would be better things to say about films.

So for now, if you had any thought of seeing the remake, well, I'd take heed from so many like opinions and save my money. flatliners-remake-critics-reviews

rottentomatoes: flatliners_2017

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ABC Denied The Option to Cancel AGENTS OF SHIELD

Well, in case you thought that Marvel's Agents of SHIELD was starting to suck and you and many more weren't tuning in because you stopped caring about that alternate digital reality crap of a story line, well, you were right.

It seems, if reports are to be believed, that ABC wanted to cancel Agents of SHIELD, but it would seem that their parent company, Disney, supplied some corporate pressure for ABC to continue running the show on the air.

Which says a lot about how, even though Disney owns all these entities, like Marvel, Star Wars and what not, that none of their entities can run independently without outside influence from the big mouse house. Which of course, does not surprise me.

But, it would seem that the network still has control over most of it's power, because, sure, they gave the show a greenlight for a fifth season, but they've slotted its airtime to move from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Fridays, for those who might or might not know, is pretty much when most networks want to kill a show off. I've seen Syfy do it, I've seen Fox do it... and I'm sure ABC has done it in the past, but now, well, there you are... Fridays are the nail in the ratings coffin for most shows, depending on the network.

Then, it seems, that not only is it moved to Fridays, ABC is having the fifth season of Agents of SHIELD premiere earlier than normal, it is going to fill in the slot that the ill-fated Inhumans series will finish its eight-episode run on Friday nights.

The Inhumans and now SHIELD... for a moment, it seems that ABC is taking a step back on how they treat their Marvel properties. Back in the day, superhero movies were treated with utter disdain, with cheap talent on all sides, resulting in horrible scripts, horrible direction and horrible products. This is how the comic-based movies became such a horrible, not taken serious, kind of product. When Marvel decided to change that, they went through 60 or more different directors and actors before landing on who they did, because most shied away quickly from the premise they were selling. And now, well, you know how that went.

TERMINATOR 6 Ignores Three Through Five

In case you did not know, the next Terminator film, from James Cameron, though it's the sixth in the franchise, will do us the honor of pretending that the third, fourth and fifth films in the franchise never happened.

In other words, Terminator 6 will be a direct sequel to Terminator two, Judgement Day.

As you may be aware, James Cameron will be getting the rights back to the Terminator franchise in 2019, and will be able to have his creative touch back in the mix. Unlike the other film, Genisys, where the film was rushed out of production for parties to retain the franchise rights. But alas, Cameron directed the first two films so it is with some hope that he will make this new film hit it out of the park.  But you do have to worry, since he is also working on his Avatar sequels.

In an interview, Cameron talks about what he and co-director Tim Miller (Deadpool) have in mind, saying,

“This is a continuation of the story from Terminator 1 and Terminator 2. And we’re pretending the other films were a bad dream. Or an alternate timeline, which is permissible in our multi-verse. This was really driven more by [Tim] than anybody, surprisingly, because I came in pretty agnostic about where we took it. The only thing I insisted on was that we somehow revamp it and reinvent it for the 21st century.”

Oh, and how will it be explained Arnold Schwarzenegger's age?

Well, if you remember, terminator units are covered in skin to blend in, they sweat, stink, and what not, so he'll look old becaue the skin is acting like, well, skin. old, aging skin. (This is something Tim Miller put out there last week, but would not elaborate any further on other details of the script.)

Right now Terminator 6 does not have a release date, yet. But then again, maybe Cameron is waiting until he fully owns the rights.

We'll let you know as soon as we hear of one.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017



In a bit of sad news, Chip and Joanna Gaines, recently announced that the upcoming fifth season of HGTV's Fixer Upper will be their last. It seems that they are so busy in other venues that the show is the one thing they are backing out on.

They're planning a new restaurant in Waco, Texas,
They have book projects,
They have new partnerships with Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and other things.

Joanna said that,

"We have poured our blood, sweat and tears into this show. We would be foolish to think we can go and go and fire on all cylinders and never stop to pause"

"This is just us recognizing that we need to catch our breath for a moment. Our plan is to take this time to shore up and strengthen the spots that are weak, rest the places that are tired and give lots of love and attention to both our family and our business."

Man, what a serious bummer. I have really enjoyed this show to the point that I felt comfortable with the series. I loved the cute banter, the family time/qualities they demonstrated, and the usual challenges that came with finding a house and rebuilding it for their ever-doubtful clients.

I don't think we'll ever find that kind of chemistry in a television duo again, on a show like this.

I get being too busy and totally understand. Well, thanks Chip and Joanna for the last four fun seasons and hopefully, a fun fifth and final season!


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Sunday, September 24, 2017

FLIP or FLOP, RIVERDALE Spin-Off, And More

Netflix Renewed Atypical for a second season.

HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, with Larry David, returns for its 10-episode ninth season on Sunday, Oct. 1


HGTV has ordered yet another new Flip or Flop series called Flip or Flop Paradise

It's yet a another spinoff of their popular Flip or Flop franchise, which is scheduled to premiere in April 2018. It's an eight-episode series and will follow investors and expert flippers David and Chenoa Rivera as they renovate homes in the small town of Paradise, California.

The Flop or Flop franchise started with Tarek and Christina El Moussa flipping houses in Southern California and now includes shows from Vegas, Atlanta, while two more other series will be coming from other cities...  Fort Worth, premiering in November of this year and Nashville, and Chicago, both coming out in 2018.


HGTV Picked Up a new season of Love it Or List It, for 20 new episodes.


E! cancelled Mariah’s World.


Well, that was quick.

The CW is looking to develop a spinoff from Riverdale featuring Sabrina.

It will be a one-hour show titled The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which will reboot reimagine the origin of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Of course, as is the norm these days, it is being coined as a dark coming-of-age story that focuses on horror, the occult and witchcraft. The sales pitch says

"This adaptation finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature — half-witch, half-mortal — while standing against the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit."


HBO has renewed The Deuce for a second season.


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TRUE LIES Getting The TV Reboot Treatment

If it can work for Lethal Weapon...

Fox, it has been said, is looking to REBOOT... sorry, I mean, develop a TV series based of the James Cameron film, True Lies, that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Tom Arnold, Art Malik, Tia Carrere, Bill Paxton, Eliza Dushku, Grant Heslov and Charlton Heston, which originally, was based off a French comedy La Totale!

Man... that's one hell of a cast when you look back at it

To be honest, I was and still am quite entertained by that movie where the character interactions between Arnold and Tom are just fun. And as the story develop, it doesn't take itself totally serious, but still gets the action done too.

So the question will be, in yet, one more reboot... sorry, reimaginiing, can they replicate the magic of the first one, or will they change it up to try to mask the reboot mode? Meh, we'll see. I'm definitely interested, but I'm not sure this can pan out in to a series. What do you think?

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

That Petty BIG BROTHER BB19 Finale

This latest season of Big Brother, BB19, was one of the usual set of new twists and surprises. And when Paul came into the house, along with other veterans, they became the instant targets by everyone in the Big Brother house.

And yet, with the aid of some gifted tricks, Paul not only survived the entire season, but managed to get wrangle the entire house into working with and for him. It was an amazing display of what I would call "assett management."

And as the season wore down and the final HoH competition loomed on the horizon, Paul had to start managing his assetts in to expecting being evicted by him, for his own game.

Then there was Cody... the self-proclaimed Paul hater. He seemed so detached or maybe, hate-focused on so many things in the house. I'm clearly not sure what makes him tick, except to maybe diss just about everyone around him. Hell, he could not even accept the most-popular player cash prize without some kind of sneer of disbelief. Folks, you did not vote well there.

But then when it all came down to it, Paul ended up sitting next to Josh for the final two for the jury to vote on. Josh!

I did not expect Josh to get past the first half of the season, considering what a loose, wildly emotional cannon he seemed to be. But he toned it down, um, after his musical frying pan stage, and with a few bouts of highly emotional crying, managed to survive and when the HoH competition when it was the most critical to win.

Then the jury voting began.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

COWBOY BEBOP Live-Action Series Coming To TV

It looks like someone feels like since the animated series of Cowboy Bebop was pretty popular, that they're going to take a swing at a live-action version of the animated series. It's been called one of the most successful anime series ever.

The premise behind Cowboy Bebop is that....

Humanity has left an uninhabitable planet Earth for colonized planets where space bounty hunters, called cowboys, make a living tracking down criminals. The show will follow the crew of the Bebop, piloted by a con artist, his partner, a former police officer, another con artist with amnesia, a hacker and a freaky intelligent corgi.

With that said, no cast has been announced yet... but for fans of the series, this could be pretty cool. Could be. Then again, when have we seen good adaptations of things like video games and what not?

But it will be executive produced by the same folks who did the original animated version.

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Universal's Dark Universe Attempts to Expand

So Universal's Monsterverse, sorry, Dark Universe, has not been doing so good. They figured they would mirror Marvel's attempt at making a film universe, but so far, they seem to be floundering.

AT first, we had heard how various different films were going to be a part of the Dark Universe, and maybe I misunderstood, but I though 2010's The Wolfman, then 2014's Dracula Untold were starting this shared universe, but each film got trashed by Rotten Tomatoes. The Wolfman got 34% and Dracula Untold got 22%. But my take on both those films were different. I thought they weren't bad, though my experience was lounging on the couch watching them. The Wolfman was fun and Dracula Untold was a wonderful new take on the origin of Dracula and got a 6.3/10 on IMDb, while The Wolfman got a 5.8... not fantastic, but not a 34%.

But alas, Universal is knee-jerk reacting to things and not putting forth their best foot. It seems.

Then we got The Mummy, with Tom Cruise, and it crashed hard at the theater and Rotten Tomatoes gave it a whoppong 16%. And now... they have plans for the following films:

Bride of Frankenstein,
Dracula (AGAIN),
Creature from the Black Lagoon,
Phantom of the Opera,
Hunchback of Notre Dame, &
The Invisible Man.

But I'm not sure how they'll be tying them all in together. Especially with the Phantom of the Opera and Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

2017 Emmy Awards Winners List

Below are the list of categories, nominees and winners from this year's Emmy Awards....

Best Drama Series

The Handmaid’s Tale (WINNER)
Better Call Saul
The Crown
House of Cards
Stranger Things
This Is Us

Best Comedy Series

Master of None
Modern Family
Silicon Valley
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Best Limited Series

Big Little Lies (WINNER)
Feud: Bette and Joan
The Night Of

Best Actress in a Drama Series

Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale (WINNER)
Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder
Claire Foy, The Crown
Keri Russell, The Americans
Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld
Robin Wright, House of Cards

Best Actor in a Drama Series

Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us (WINNER)
Anthony Hopkins, Westworld
Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
Matthew Rhys, The Americans
Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan
Kevin Spacey, House of Cards
Milo Ventimiglia, This Is Us

Best Actress in a Comedy Series

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep (WINNER)
Pamela Adlon, Better Things
Jane Fonda, Grace and Frankie
Allison Janney, Mom
Ellie Kemper, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Tracee Ellis Ross, Black-ish
Lily Tomlin, Grace and Frankie

Best Actor in a Comedy Series

Donald Glover, Atlanta (WINNER)
Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
Aziz Ansari, Master of None
Zach Galifianakis, Baskets
William H. Macy, Shameless
Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent

Best TV Movie

Black Mirror: San Junipero (WINNER)
Dolly Parton’s Christmas of Many Colors
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Sherlock: The Lying Detective
The Wizard of Lies

Best Actress in a Limited Series or TV Movie

Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies (WINNER)
Carrie Coon, Fargo
Felicity Huffman, American Crime
Jessica Lange, Feud: Bette and Joan
Susan Sarandon, Feud: Bette and Joan
Reese Witherspoon, Big Little Lies

Best Actor in a Limited Series or TV Movie

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


What happens when you ask for too much money to reprise your role in Hawaii Five-0? You start looking at b-genre films.

Word on the street is that Daniel Dae Kim is looking to join the cast of the doomed Hellboy reboot. If he joins the cast, he'll be replacing Ed Skrein.

I mean, come on, this is a film where Milla Jovovich will be in and it won't be a film her husband is helming. That's gotta mean something too, right?

- - -

Let's see... rummaging through notes...  Um, I already talked about ABC picking up a pilot for their Greatest American Hero REBOOT!

I'm Dying Up Here was renewed for a 2nd season by Showtime.


Last Week Tonight just got the renewal nod from HBO... for THREE MORE SEASONS!!! Yes!!!

To be honest, if you haven't watched the show, it's a hard hitting news format kind of series where John Oliver picks a few subjects or people, does some serious-ass research, then RIPS THEM APART with facts and background info that will just blow you away.

Watching the show, you tend to also learn a ton about things you may have never really wanted to know.

How good is the show?

It is currently nominated for eight prime time Emmy awards and last year, won three Emmys.


The Last Tycoon was CANCELLED hard by Amazon. Kelsey Grammer and Jennifer Beals will need to find work somewhere else now.

Z: The Beginning of Everything, apparently is ending, with Amazon NOT picking up a second season of that show.

- - -

Alaska: The Last Frontier returns on October 1st.

THE CW announced it's upcoming Fall 2017 Saturday morning line up of information shows!

Starting October 7th, you are going to get A LOT of Cesar Milan...

8:00 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
8:30 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
9:00 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
9:30 a.m. “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Milan: Family Edition”
10:00 a.m. “Brain Games: Family Edition”
10:30 a.m. “This Old House: Trade School”

- - -

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

New Celebrity BIG BROTHER, The New BACHELOR Named, CASSINI Plummet

I am sure you caught the announcement during one of the episodes, but CBS is going to have a Celebrity edition of Big Brother. It will be a special winter edition with the usual format of a few episodes a week, HOH and POV competitions. SO it will be pretty much the usual, but with celebrity house guests.

During the announcement, they did not mention any cast names but boy, the imagination got ticking!!!

Obviously, or hopefully, they'll staff the house with the usual good-looking, emotionally unstable house guests! And though they did not specify what kind of celebrity, I can only hope we get some great entertainment from this edition, whether it be out-of-date actors and athletes, much like Dancing With the Stars does. Or maybe celebrity past house guests... like Dr. Will and Boogey!

Either way, it should be fun for fans of the series.

Man... look at Paul wrangle this season's nest of house guests. Is he amazing or what? We'll see how far he gets or if the remaining house guests figure him out. I've love to see Paul and Christmas go to the end. Josh... well, he's likable, but a loose cannon!

The show is slated to premiere in the winter of 2018.


ABC announced that Arie Luyendyk Jr. will be the next Bachelor looking for love on their hit dating game show, The Bachelor. And apparently ABC was going for someone else, but Arie was their last-minute choice!

Really, Arie? They have all those great guys out there and they pick this guy? He was on the show six years ago and he caused quite the stir then, with his questionable relationship status outside the game show just before going on, right?

Monday, September 11, 2017

Focus Features Acquires To LADY BIRD

via press release

TORONTO, CANADA, September 11, 2017 – Focus Features has acquired international rights to Greta Gerwig’s acclaimed directorial debut Lady Bird, company chairman Peter Kujawski announced today. A24 and IAC Films are partners on the movie.  Focus will be handling distribution in all territories outside of North America. Lady Bird has emerged as one of the biggest breakouts of the fall season, winning rave reviews from its screenings at both the Telluride and Toronto International Film Festivals. Scott Rudin, Eli Bush and Evelyn O’Neill are the producers.

"With Lady Bird, Greta has proven herself to be both a brilliant illusionist and a towering filmmaker. She tricks us into believing this is an intimate story about a specific character, time, and place until the culmination of the laughter and the tears makes you realize it's actually a grand epic that is as universal, relatable and emotionally powerful as any story of mothers and daughters that has ever been put on film," said Focus Chairman Peter Kujawski.  "We couldn't be more honored to team with Greta and our friends at A24 and IAC to share her incredible work with audiences around the world."

WONDER WOMAN Movie Sequel Nabs Original Director!

WONDER WOMAN Movie Sequel Nabs Original Director, Patty Jenkins

It's no secret that Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot hit it out of the park on so many different levels, it wasn't even funny. But it was amazing! Hence, why it is still in some theaters. It has a 7.7/10 on IMDb and nabbed a 92% score on Rotten Tomatoes.

And it's also some good news that Gal Gadot has signed on for the sequel. (Gotta say, this is one hell of a step up from her secondary role in Fast and Furious, right?)

Wonder Woman on Amazon. Pre-order today!

But the best news of all is that the director, whose vision brought Wonder Woman so successfully to the box office has signed on for the sequel!  Yep, Petty Jenkins has signed up to direct the sequel to Wonder Woman, which, right now, is due out in December of 2019!

VEEP's Final Season, HGTV Renewals, WILL is Dead!

VEEP Cancelled

HGTV renewed their lifestyle shows, Mexico Life, Caribbean Life, Beach Hunters and Beachfront Bargain Hunt. You may continue to live vicariously through HGTVs offerings!!!

- - -

If you're an Ovation network fan and have a Roku device, it's time to rejoice!  Ovation launched a TV app called Ovation NOW and is available to subscribers on Roku.

There is a live feed and on-deman content.

- - -

HBO's Veep will call it quits in 2018 when its seventh season concludes.

The show has pulled in 42 Emmy nominations, winning 12 of those noms but they said that they've pretty much gone through all the good material they can come up with and they don't want to start repeating themselves. It's been said that this last season will have a finality or end-of-series feel to it. So brace yourselves.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

STARSKY & HUTCH, Syfy Renewals, STAR WARS REBELS, Premiere Date Reminders

So remember my mentioning the Greatest American Hero reboot coming from ABC? Well, now Sony Pictures TV is pitching a Starsky and Hutch reboot to networks. They have The Guardians of the Galaxy director, James Gunn, helming the series.

It will be premiering or streaming on Amazon and it's been said that "The show will be a character-driven procedural that will deconstruct the buddy cop genre in the spirit of the “Guardians” franchise."

Hmm... I hate when a studio pitches a product to "be like" some other popular franchise, though, to be honest, considering it's James Gunn helming the rebooot, it makes sense. Or predictable.

Now you can add Starsky and Hutch to the "revivals" of The Munsters, Miami Vice, The Jetsons, SWAT, and Dynasty.  Yea, they're trying to get the term reboot buried under their new term, revival. Whatever.

- - -


Fleabag was renewed for a second season by Amazon.

Killjoys got renewed by Syfy, but for its two final seasons, four and five. Which is a long-winded version of getting cancelled in two years. This just like how they just cancelled Dark Matter, right after their third season, now series finale, back on Aug 25th. I mean, what the hell, why even watch the show that I've stockpiled on my DVR now?

Last Chance U was renewed for a third season by Netflix. This new season will take place at Independence Community College located in Kansas.

Transparent was renewed for a fifth season by Amazon

Friday, September 8, 2017

GREATEST AMERICAN HERO Getting A Female-led Reboot

Yep, another reboot is coming our way, this time, ABC is taking a swing at Greatest American Hero, the 1980's hit that starred William Katt, and they're going to do it with a female lead.

In this new reboot version, our new hero will be named Meera, a 30-year-old Indian-American woman from Cleveland, “whose talents include tequila drinking and karaoke and not much else. Then some aliens entrust her with a super suit to protect the planet, and the world has never been in more unreliable hands.”

Whether you remember the series or not, it was basically about a young man who was given a suit by aliens. The suit empowered him with all kinds of powers, including flight. But he barely mustered the skill to use it, and floundered through episodes learning as he goes.

And here we go again, another reboot where the studio figures slapping a female in the lead role will totally help the reboot, because, you know, we all love reboots of old shows.  But it's interesting how different folks are taking swings at reboots with women.

Now I don't blame the cast, but the Ghost Busters reboot floundered hard. I hear WB now doing a Lord of the Flies reboot with an all female cast... yea, that could be weird. Or good. Who knows.

Personally I don't care about the gender of the cast, but all these reboots are seemingly desperate cash grabs when someone thinks something was a hit 20 years ago just might be a hit today. And hey, while we're at it, let's make gender a hot spot issue with the reboot to give it more legs on the web.

So, we'll see how things go, whenever this hits the air.

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Big SOUTH PARK Marathon Going On Right Now... And a Few Other TV News Bits...

There is a South Park TV marathon on Comedy Central is happening RIGHT NOW and it's a big one. I mean, really, really big marathon.

To celebrate the 21st season of South Park, that is premiering on Wednesday, September 21st, they started a 254 episode marathon of the show that started on September 6th, running for eight days.

There will be a few 30-minute breaks with other shows, but not many.

The show launched in 1997 and has been going strong ever since. It is heralded as one of the longest running prime-time comedies. And it makes sense, with their no-holds barred brand of humor that manages to get Kenny killed almost every episode!

- - -

Born This Way was renewed for a fourth season by A and E.

Get Shorty got a second season out of EPIX.

Did you know that over five million viewers tuned in to watch the solar eclipse back when it took place. To be honest, I've heard a few interesting opinions about the event that ranged from 'who cares' to 'how exciting.'  To be honest, I get both perspectives.

So many people drove to specific locations, then suffered 10-mile long traffic jams to go home to wherever they came from. And that seemed crazy to some, when you could log on to a website and watch the event "live" on a website. But then you have a lot of parents that were supporting their kids desire to see this event and use it as a learning tool, engaging the potential in kids to learn about something based off of science. We have too many fantasy and reality-TV mind-numbing sources out there, so this could have excited the next Albert (or Ann) Einstein, who could herald our society into the future with things he or she would invent or come up with.

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